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Drunk or High?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Just curious to see what people enjoy more, and mixing the two is not an option.

    I only drink when im out of weed, i hate alcohol but it gets me through the dry days.
  2. I smoke a hell lot more then I drink.
    Drinking is for partys, Pot for everything else. =D
    So I enjoy pot better, but drinking is a treat.
  3. Took the words from my mouth
  4. When I'm not high, I'm drunk, and when I'm not drunk, I'm high. When I'm neither, I'm probably dead.
  5. if im watching a game, fight, anything sports basically or with a bit of friends u cant beat beer in my opinion, but if im by myself or like 1 friend smoking is better

    i dont know though, have been drinking a lot tonight and was tripping balls off DMT for my first time tonight. ended up doing it 4 times, but shit was crazy and ur body feels so light and just amazing after. it tasted nasty as hell(burned rubber or plastic), but man, was it worth it. hahaha. good times, good times

  6. I'd rather be high in any situation.
  7. I quit drinking a few months ago. Not for me, and it's hell on your body and mind. Weed is all I need. And I keep forgetting to hit this shit. But judging from a standpoint of which feels better, both at the same time.
  8. i drink when im out of weed
  9. i just smoke, i do other things but drinking just takes to long, id rather have a nice bong hit and roll up a note.
  10. weed and only weed.
  11. weed, unless you have red stripe...
  12. im drunk right now, cant smoke tho cuz of parole.....shit im not even supposed to drink :D
  13. I am drunk right now as well! I'd rather be high, though, sometimes it is nice to be both.

  14. true..but im not goin back to jail because of just stays in the system too long..

    when i start smokin in a few months or so i will be sooo high.
  15. Yes indeed you will be! In the mean time, I'll smoke some bowls for you.

  16. thats whats up, if people get high and think of me thats wild. For Real. ;)
  17. I am pretty sure I am baked for 95% of the things i do. Does that answer the question?:smoking:
  18. I only smoke. For me drinking is sooo fucking stupid. But hey whatever you like I guess. I just cant stand drunk people, I would rather be mello and high and have an amazing time than be drunk and anoying and feel like shit the next day. But I guess thats just me ;)

    Heres a good clip

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