drum machine for live performance?

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    Me and my friend want to use a drum machine that we can play live. We dont have that big of a budget, here is what our current set up looks like:

    Acoustic guitar
    Electric guitar
    2 amps
    2 midi instruments
    Netbook for midi insturments

    What choices do i have if i want to add a drum machine of any kind?

  2. Drummers are a dime a dozen, why a machine?
  3. The band Big Black played with a drum machine their whole career, and they got a great sound of it. They used a Roland TR-606.

  4. I will clarify my point seeing it was lost,

    A body is FREEEEEEEEEE!
  5. Get an MPC from akai... I don't think they cost more then 300 bucks.

    I think native instruments maschine might be better, but I haven't used it.

    You could also try getting a roland sampler, they have pads and can sample with effects... I think it's more expensive though.
  6. Well of course a drummer gives many advantages, but they used it for a couple reasons. It'd keep time perfectly, perform exactly as instructed, didn't need to be paid, and allowed them to travel in a van instead of multiple cars. Luckily, it's distinctly robotic sound worked great for their music.

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