Druid Fantasy Help :D

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PipeUp, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Ok, just got Druids Fantasy from HerbalHighs.co.uk

    took 3 in ten mins, will take the other 3 (doing them quick, ill deal with the nausia later haha)

    so yeah, i was readin, the active ingredient is

    "The active constituents are D-lysergic acid (which is an LSD derivative,) and ergometrine. The result, primarily of the presence of the D-lysergic acid amide, is a truly LSD like experience, which can last in excess of six hours."

    From a random site.

    So yeah, does anyone know what i can do to make my experience a lil stronger?
    aprantly it takes a while to kick in, so im fine just now :)

    need to take legals cos i cant get ahold of illegals :(
  2. currently waitin for the nausia to end and the trip to start....all are done :)

    what can emphasize this?? :D
  3. tell me how it works brah i dont use legal highs i just get real acid haha so lemme no how it is:cool:

  4. your lucky :(
    cos i dont :(
  5. Drink acidic drinks and some milk, should calm the nasia
  6. awesome!
    i have milk :D
    will fizzy cloudy lemonaid do?

  7. wow man, im feelin those pills man

    here dude, thanks for the help man, from Scotland.
    you have tipped me well :]
    I can now drink an awesome drink!

    CLOUDY LEMONAID! hahahahayay


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