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  1. OK now if most of you are like me then you do not consider marijuana a drug I mean how can you call a plant untouched by human hands a drug thats idiotic (this situation is one of a completely natural plant). But I know some of you do drugs Im just curious what some of you use personally I only use a few drugs.

    Ectasy, beans, rolls, and X all of these are different names for the drug known as mdma (methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine). Personally untill recentally i would not touch this stuff but my lil bro turned me on it if taken in normal doses this can be a very enjoyable experience.

    Acid, trip, Vitamin A, Tounge candy, and Cid all of these are different names of the drug known as LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide). Ahh now this one of of my favorite drugs just use in normal doses and you will fly for about 8 hours.

    Other then these 2 and Xanax i do no other drugs nothing goes up my nose or in my veins. Both LSD and MDMA (X) are completely free from physical addiction but this is not to say one cannot become mentally addicted I use both in moderation never too much and not too frequent. I just wanna know what you all think is ok and what is not.

  2. hell yeah to rolls i get to roll again saturday
  3. I get to roll tomorrow YAY!!! we might go to the club and enjoy our roll with the music or just chill and enjoy it. hope you get some good beans man I know I am more then likely they wil be some mitsubishi's yippie yay lol I cant wait lol.

  4. We call them GRILLS!!!!!

    Because it rhymes with 'pills' and is generally a very appropriate word, don't you agree?


  5. I think everyone should be free to put what they want in THEIR bodies without criticism reguardless of effects. I think that is a most basic human right. I've done a lot in a short span up until a little over a year ago I hadnt done anything but drink.

    I've done (in order done):

    alcohol (Pretty nice except for two day hangovers and I have a weak stomach so I cant hold down as much as i like)

    weed (My drug of choice...Used more than anything else use it daily)

    codeine (Not bad...made me really tired though)

    E (Awesome..only done twice but no complaints)

    Valium (Eh..not too good)

    Xanax (Ok.)

    Coke (Good effects..but you crave it like crazy directly after using..i felt like a lab rat or something)

    Ketamine (Pretty good but I'd prefer E to it)

    I plan on takinh shrooms and acid this summer
  6. Stevieponiczz what a treat you are in for my friend definately. I'll put it this way you remember the effect of the beans well tripping is like the perfect match to rolling except you peak in four hours instead of 2 and you trip for around 8-12 hrs as with beans you roll 4-6 hrs and glow for about 1-2 hrs. By the way what I mean about the perfect match is convert the physical feeling of rolling to a visual and mental state along with what we call a body trip.

    My next goal is to "Troll" or as some of you may know as "Candy Flipping" and for those of you who are like "what is he talkin about?" this is the combination of lsd(acid) and and mdma (X) Ive heard its really goooooooood!!!!! LOL Ive heard once you troll you only want to do it that way. The only unfortunate thing is I cannot find any acid I havent been able to find any in a while ohh boo hoo!! lol

  7. candy flipping is the shiznit when it's done right you peak on the rolls right after as soon as you start tripping
  8. you have to have someone to babysit you for that peak though cause it's pretty intense and you can do some weird shit lol
  9. "My Name ain't Skip" You referring to the oc.com forum moderator? Cuz thats his name.

    Hahahaha, im so baked.

  10. hehehe No I was just stating that just in case you know i am in the rotation like "Hey!!" "My name aint skip!!!!"
  11. lol, makes sense

  12. Not when you are putting other peoples lifes in dange.

  13. So if i sit on my couch and drop some acid and watch the walls breathe for 6 hours im dangerous to people?
  14. stevieponiczz, no, you ain't dangerous if you just chill and fry on the couch ... I've seen plenty of people completely freak while trippin', though. I mean, you could almost hear the gears in their heads getting stripped. Then, they would just be a danger to themselves and other people ... In this case, yes, that person probably should be prevented from droppin' ever again.

    I'm all for people doing what they will to their bodies ... hell, I smoke, drink, toke, trip when I can, roll when I can ... I'm the last one to try to tell people how to treat their bodies. By the same token, I haven't been dangerous to myself or other people (yet). Well, maybe I've driven a couple times when I shouldn't have. I learned from it, though.

    Anyway, to me, if someone abuses it, don't keep it cool, and presents a danger when on a substance, maybe they should be prevented from presenting any further danger by not allowing them to abuse that substance any further.

    Of course, I could always be talking out of my ass. Take it for what it is worth.


  15. Did i say you would be ????

    Let me put it this way to you it might help you as I see your a little slow...

    One night you decide it would be fun to take some acid and watch the walls breathe but this time it aint so fun so you decide to go to the shop to buy some candy, on your way to the shop you see a old man walking down the street BUT suddenly you "think" he trying to attack you so in defence you decide to knock him down, scared you run home and forget about what just happened cuz you fucking wasted NOW if the old man was to die or hurt him self real bad who would be to blame you or the old man ?

  16. These guys have a point. Not to sound like an anti-drug commercial or anything, but I too have seen people who are normally calm, loving, friendly people absolutely FLIP THEIR LIDS on acid. Here's a scary story I experienced, and it's not the only one I have but it's a pure example of what MickeyT's point is:

    I was at a party(UG rave type thing) once, and I was one of the promoters so I was doing "Karma Patrol" trying to keep people under control and everything running smoothly. I was called outside by some frightened candyravers only to find a kid who is known for being unusually sweet and sensitive and quiet who was increasingly becoming INTENSELY violent, telling all 6 of us trying to calm him down he'd slice our nipples off, bite the guys' dicks off, he WAS biting anything he could possibly bite and knocked a tooth out of one girl by kicking her in the face. He was scratching and biting and kicking and punching and screaming, he was so out of control we had to call an ambulance.
    It took all 6 of us PLUS MORE, about 10-11 people in all to hold him down (he had tried to kill himself & his next bright idea was to eat some broken glass he had found on the sidewalk) until the ambulance came. He ended up spending the remainder of his trip in restraints in a hospital, being drugged with sedatives only for his parents to pick him up in the morning pissed as all hell...

    He wouldn't believe what happened, he didn't remember it, and thought we were all kidding until he saw his friend's face all black & blue and her almost completely missing tooth. He was sheepishly apologetic and embarrassed, and in a shitload of trouble... And what drugs was he on??

    ONE HIT OF ACID. and GOOD "clean" acid which was from a very "reliable" source.

    You never know what the shit's going to do to ya! Be safe, it's a risk every time. I personally loved the shit myself until I had a bad experience with it, and won't touch it but once every 3 years. Other drugs, I've dabbled in them, but nothing is as perfect as mary jane and that's what I'll stick to.

    What you guys do, just be careful with and try to keep control, and best of luck.
  17. First of all

    Dont call me slow, dick. You dont know me.

    Second i'd be swift enough to have a friend present so I wouldn't go nuts.
  18. yeah mickey t chill with the negative energy man

    and i think more than the unlikely case of someone freaking and hurting someone, a more frequent danger of drugs is turning other peoples lives onto drugs.

    i think its fine if you and your friends do it, but dont try to coax some stupid middle schooler to try drugs.
  19. I agree. Like i said i respect everyones decisions with their bodies. I've never asked someone to drugs. If my friends ask me to do it..then i ask them if they are sure and if they are 100% sure i let them use whatever with me.
  20. yeah its fine as long as your friend are mature and responsible, whats bad is little kids trying to act like they're older than they really are so they try every thing they can find.

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