Drugs Till I die.

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  1. i blame freaktard
  2. Me too, damn him.
  3. In an ideal situation, I would love to keep pumping recreational substances into my body until the day I die, and enjoy every last second of it. At the rate I'm going though, I might well have to tone down my usage before it takes too much of a toll on me.

    But when I get to the point where I stop shooting dope and doing amphetamines every day or two (I'm sure it's gonna happen at some point, can't keep this shit up forever lol) and finally settle down with my drug use, I'm still going to be smoking weed and drinking alcohol. So, no matter how much my usage fluctuates over my lifetime, I'm always going to be using recreational drugs.

    I mean shit, life is too boring not to!
  4. Im thinking im going to try and stop the harder shit bar trips and ganja after I get all my school qualifications. After that Im only going to hit the natural shit, and probably have the occational binge out of town. So probably 24-25 for stopping the hard shit.

    Drugs are about mind expansion, learn from it, grow form it, and peace. I'll see you next time i want to "touch back to reality."

    survival of the fittest mother fuckers! :wave:
  6. Till I die. There will be various ins and outs I'm sure, weed will probably be a staple, but most things will just be phases.
  7. I'll keep smoking weed until I can no longer find a dealer.
    All the other shit will probably stop at 20.
  8. I'm 18 now and I've smoked for just over a year. I've done nearly everything though since then. Only thing I can't claim I've done is meth(although I have done addy,dex, and all those other amphetamines) and heroin. I've even dabbled a bit in morphine and just about every pill you can throw at me. I've slowed down a bit in the last couple months though since I keep getting caught by my dad. Figure I'll save up and enjoy some dank every once in a while till I move out and its worked pretty well so far. Ill probably pick back up when I move out and then when I get out of college Ill probably slow down again. If I move out to cali like I want to then Ill be getting my card and stayin blazed for the rest of my life. :smoking: If not Ill probably only do it once in a while since wherever my job takes me will probably make it a little harder to get.

    Once I retire though. Its all over dude. Im getting effed up on every drug imaginable all the time. Im gonna be candyflippin and speedballing every damn day. Then when Im just too old to live anymore Ill go out in an opiate/mdma bliss.
  9. If I ever get pregnant, I'd stop eveything immediately, obviously.

    I'd probably only smoke when I had a young child, and probably only on the weekends, but I'm sure I can still handle taking care of a child while stoned (not high) but I'd feel irresponsible.

    I do want to smoke with my kid when he/she is like 16, just because I'd rather know he/she was smoking with me and not a bounch of random people with random other drugs.

    After the kids are gone, I'll be back all over my opiates. And I'd trip on acid/shrooms every once in a while.

    I'm sure if I don't kill myself from fear of old age, I'll be high for the last 20 years of my life anyway. Growing old is disgusting and unacceptable.
  10. You know what they say, 40 is the new 30*

    *to kill yourself... swear to god the second i see crows feet i'm offing my self. :D
  11. I literally have a phobia of getting old.
    It seems the closer and closer you get to being 80, the more it seems like someone is standing over you with a gun to your head.

    Then again, maybe I'll bet tired of life by then.
  12. I feel like the person with the gun shoots you every decade.
  13. Weed, hallucinogens, and DXM until the day I die.
    I'll stop everything else at 40.
  14. im gonna travel,and psyches will probably be my main interest,

    hiking mountains,the tropics,want to go to Alaska,Columbia(cheap fuckkin coke)

    pretty much i just want to trip out on all sorts of psychedelics and go travel the world,maybe learn bit more about life,it would greatly inspire my music,but hopefully one day i will be able to do that.i don't plan on quiting drugs anytime soon,probably die on a break threw trip on DMT take a last intense trip to the other side.
  15. i thought you guys would like to know... it is said that the dmt stored in your pineal gland in the center of your forehead is released a little during life changing/near death experiences i.e birth/death..... what if before you died and it is true about your pineal gland releasing the dmt you take a fat hit of dmt and they synergize make you trip harder than anyone has tripped before..... lol idk
  16. lol that would be fuckin sick bro,
  17. i'm not even high haha
  18. I was just talking about this to cameron8679 about this while on shrooms. I had a hard time putting my thoughts into word because of the shrooms but he was basically talking for me. Everything that he said i agreeed with because it was what i was thinking. I think drugs have been used from the beginning and self medicating is the best way to be. I believe pyshs help the soul. They have made my life better. I can not put a date on when I will stop but i bet it wont be anytime soon. I will either have to have a family and time for drugs will decrease a lot or have a shift in the way i vision drugs. I love drugs and doubt the second one will ever die off.
  19. once i get old and retird I plan to kick up on marijuana habit, and shit if I love to 80+ il do meth or heroin. I mean shit if I live up to 80 it will be 2070 thats some crazy shit who knows what the world will be like in 61 years i mean in 1948 did people think their would be medical marijuana or the fuckin computer. maybe people will accept drugs alot war.

    benzo rant

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