Drugs Till I die.

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  1. How long will you be doing drugs for? Until old age, stop early, or what? A little curious here. I will probably stop everything else except for hallucinogens and weed around 40-50. how about you guys
  2. i plan on taking my first hits of crack and meth and heroin and all that other shit the day i turn 80.. and then take every drug known to mankind beause il be old and il be able to say i did every fuckin drug there is amd them io shall die a happy man
  3. I'm 18, 17 in April, and I really haven't been hard into drugs for long.

    Back in the days of middle school (I was a weird little no-friended kid) I would bum loratabs and pain killers off my mom. I loved the feeling. Then I did the "I'm never gonna touch real drugs or any alcohol," thing that many kids do now-a-days. Well in my Junior year of high school, I started using DXM with a friend... Triple C's actually. And since then, I've been into all kinds of opiates, benzos, DXM, adderall, and all that kind of over-the-counter/perscription stuff, haha.

    Well now that you know my drug history...

    I'll probably stay into drugs for a while. I'm getting married (yeah, young guy I know, whatever, lol) in October and I'm definitely gonna cut down on my stuff for her (because she doesn't know about this shit, and you can't help but feel bad). So until then, I'm rockin' hard into stuff... Just not too hard, lol.

    I need to try acid and shrooms still =[ but I'd say I'll be doing stuff for a long while, but probably not much at all after somewhere in my mid 20s. I've already planned all of this out, haha. I just missed all of this fun when I was younger and I'm trying to squeeze as much in before October. I'll still be able to chill after that, but not as much.


    Such a poetic ending to a wonderful thing, haha =D
  4. yeah i sort of planned it too lol. idk i just imagine a 60 yr old me taking fuckin oxycodone. it's mad weird
  5. My grandfather is always drugged up like shit.

    He's had a bunch of surgeries. He gets methadones, percs, oxy's (not to mention other stuff not for pain like ambien and shit)... And it definitely shows. I really would rather him not be like that, but still. Um, irrelevance ... >.> Damn you adderall, lol.
  6. I'm doing drugs until I die.

    I'm going to go either by ODing or getting killed (for any reason) while high.

    Amphetamines and weed for life.
  7. i'm pretty sure i'll be consuming weed until the day i die. When i'm older i might not smoke anymore, might only eat it or use it in some new future way, lol.

    not sure about other drugs. i really don't see me doing other stuff that much longer. im not too interested in them anymore. but ya never know with hard drugs, thats not something you can really say when or if your going to quit.

  8. i dunno if i live pass the age of 81 i think im gonna take like 8 hits of acid and drive off a cliff while listening to freebird cranked to the max
  9. Damn, that is less poetic than your last post on this thread, haha.
  10. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a SHITLOAD of PCP and then skydiving without a parachute.

    I would probably live after I hit the ground too lol
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    yo freaktard if youve never heard that song dl it, and then picture your self tripping on acid and peacfully driving off a cliff,

    edit: holy shit your right i read that and your right its not very poetic... now that i realize it the last thing id want to do while on acid is driving off a cliff.. hmmm now i must ponder the best way to go and it shall be truely poetic... let me get back to you on that one
  12. Yeah I will def smoke all of my life and have a nice trip here and there. Heavier at some points and lighter at others.
  13. lol! hell yeah man that sounds really fucking intense. blow a couple lines too and pop like 10 addies for old times sake..... if you did that your heart would probably explode before you even reached 1,000 ft falling.

    hookedonchron: that is sig worthy THANK YOU
  14. Well I guess it could be poetic... As long as its epic and in slow motion.

    Like the end of the Devils Rejects.

    And yeah... I know what Freebird is, haha.
  15. No ^ that is truely epic man!!! i could picture it... your in a pure state of bliss.. falling from the edge of a cliff and you have accepted that you are going to die.. you are truly happy youve lived so long and had such a good life then... BOOM your heart explodes
  16. Hallucinogens for life.
  17. i think i'm going to take every upper known to man. smoke a couple bowls of pcp laced weed and run down the street naked while i have 5 hired hitmen and at 10,000 dollars each fire at me with shotguns and semi-automatics. where i hit the ground, the hitmen will have one last job to take pictures and record the number of feet where i started running to where i feel flat dead. a guiness record that would never be broken. Evans, The only man to take that many drugs and run down the street naked while being shot at and make it x amount of feet down the road. someone should have fun beating that record :devious:

    but yeah budz and hallucinogens. i'll take that shit to my fucking grave. you can put dissociatives there i guess too
  18. Damn bro! Hahahaha!
  19. funny how this thread turned from drugs till i die, to druge that will make me die, to drugs that i will do right before i die
  20. i doubt youll have 50 thousand to pay hitmen to kill you

    ill probably die ODin or some shit

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