drugs suport terrorism!

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  1. are goverment here in the states has finial lost it with these ads on the tv ! i have seen no factes at all from any where that would prove that drugs have in any way suported terrorism in any way at all ! this is by far the dumist thing on tv ! i could see some of the things like not smoke for the reason they gave but are goverments lossing it ! why should they have anything at all to do with drugs of any kind !with companys steeling millions from stock holders and coruption in goverment offices as well as those with in are goverment ! have any of you out there seen these ads and what do you think ? is this the start and fall of are freedom to think for are selfs or just a new why for are goverment to get their hands in to more pockets !like alcohol dosent do anything wrong as long as it bays the taxes the goverment wants! and how about cigarettes do they suport terrorism to ! it is getting to be if you can find the best place to hide out you may taste what was once freedom ! close your doors and be free tell they find a way to get around that to !we are lossing are freedom to a goverment of greed and unjust laws they them selfs are makeing and they want everyone to bend over and take what their given !this is nothing but out right bull shit !seed companys dont suport terrorism that i ever herd of i dont know anyone that dose other than ben dip shit!and his happy retards!out right dose any one out there suport terrorism and why ! this is not to know if terrorism is right or wrong just to find out if they think this is true where and how the hell is it happing with none of the real smokers and growers knowing it ! is it big time dealing thats truned its backs on us that spend are bucks with them or is this just a goverment out of control trying to stick its foot in its mouth! i find this ad dum and in bad taste as well as out right wrong in text as well as facts if i am wrong let me know if i am right are we going to have to become the goverments sheep to be safe at all this sounds like not so free a world after all ! i would like to here from anyone and all points of veiw on this topic for it well afect us all ! and other contrys as well for are goverment cant keep its for ass at home when its greed is so fucking big !good luck tazz11
  2. this came up before and i remember someone saying that the people supporting terroism are the one we buy oil from
    WE BUY OIL FROM IRAQ and everyone knows that they damn well had a hand in 9/11
  3. Yes I support terrorism.......every time I pull up to a gas pump!!!! And my Govt. GIVES Billions of dollars to many countries that harbor terroists!!!!!!! My drug usage, however, is helped right now by a very select few AMERICAN growers, that given the means and opportunity, would use those child killing BASTARDS as fertilizer!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you notice, our Govt. is using CHILDREN in these ads, to further confuse their minds, and prepare them for shit like the schools D.A.R.E. programs.The Govt. realizes Adults are getting wise to their lies, so they work on turning our youth against us!!! FREE THE HERB!!!! (Then Terrorists would be unable to profit from it!!!) :smoking:
  4. well said,next time they'll have woman in bikinis tell us this shit !!lol
  5. i think they meant hard drugs like heroine and crack since opium and coke are the main exports of Afghanistan and Columbia repectively (both countries harvest terrorists, or did until recently)

    most marijuana is mostly grown domestically BTW
  6. that just my point they dont say that and well are kids know its not true after being brainwashed! for that matter well are kids have any choices at all ?
  7. I think the adds are hitting their target. Children and Adult Children. That's correct .Adult children ,who need to be told what is truth. Who have not 'yet' acquired the ability to think and learn on their own..............for themselves.
    Yes they have careers ,families and even children of their own. But they raise their children ,as they live their lives ,the way have been told to......in a conformist manner. For this ever growing number of clones ,making an independent decision based on facts they themselves have acquired ,is sadly just not possible.
    They are too busy rushing to an early grave to give to thoughts about legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults. Terrorism they are (by now) well saturated with. Now the trick is to connect the two.

    terrorism..............I don't drive anymore.......but I do pay taxes ,and I'm quite sure that a percentage of that dollar has ,raped ,plundered ,and pillaged at least one other human in one way or another all in the name of "our way of life". My taxes helped pay for the 'stinger' missles the Afghanis' used against a superior Russian assult. Those missles were the determining factor in 'that' war. No one mentioned ,then or now ,that I also (thru taxes) supported terrorism .......openly then............with arms in 'that' one. And others..

    But by buying herb ,and smoking it. Really.

    I talk tooooooooo much.
  8. talk to much i think not my freind that was a very good point of veiw as i saw it !and i under stand being a tax payer my self ! we suport more evil with are taxs moneys than any joint ever did ! i would think that are goverment may be one of the best in the world for freedom fighting may in the shadows steeling are freedom a little at a time to control what it thinks is the growth of our country ,and yes we have to vote to change that what we see is not just or truth to be before us! we dont mind being told what to do because were all easy ! why rock the boat ,right ,! my taxs go up almost every year! will i move cause of it no ! do they do some good things with the taxs ,yes ! so in the long run we have all ready lost and are areselfs brain washed already ! we suport the goverment threw the need of are own safty , we want to fit in and feel free the can only come with exspeting are goverments rules as law and going along with it ! sad but true ,they are spending are own money to give us what they want us to have or do ! for the the good of what they think it should be ! are they right ! look around where is this ink being typed ! i think that anwsered that ! lol good luck tazz11 ps is good to see you around roach!
  9. Stupid ass propaganda. All created to make you conform. Don't you people understand? We are not a country that is run by a democracy...as we are led to believe. We are a country that is run by money...big business, and oh yes baby....CAPITALISM!!!!!

  10. good input and yes i do agree ! greed is takeing what respect we had away ,and is now starting wars as well ! are 4 fathers are now standing around wondering what the fuck happen ! lol ,this makes me wonder just who is run are goverment big money is but who's money and why ? its not the tax payers ! they've only talked to me once in 10 years and that was to tell me my taxs were going up ! nice of them to share whats happening with the ones that pay their checks ! i would like to fire some of them and watch the others closely! lol i think a pay cut or lay offis come !lol but for now the stupidist commercials are my goverments ! if they want to know where the terrorism is geting its money they only need to look at the price of meds theses days !and big business!the kick backs in are goverment and those that look the otherway why we get fucked off ! who's paying for the jets and limos we are and they dont think we have the need to know !lol and what realy gets me is were giveing them rises all the time for doing it to us !a happy sheep i think not! good luck tazz11
  11. actually i think that your all reading too deep into it. I think that they put out that commercial to let people know that just cuz this terrorism war is going on right now, doesnt mean that the government has forgotten about their war on drugs. So they link terrorism into an anti drug commercial that way people listen up instead of saying "oh who cares about drugs we got terrorist problems now".....thats all
  12. The Amerikkan pharmaceutical companies use more opium than anyone else. Bin Laden made his millions from oil. Dubya is an oil man. I would like to douse him in it. Would look good on him. Good posts here.
  13. if they can kill two birds with one stone, they think they well be able to kill a terrorist and a stonener with a bad commercials with out us giveing them the bird !lol

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