Drugs or Sex?

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Aug 9, 2003.


Drugs or Sex?

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  1. About a month ago, i had to break up with my girlfriend. things were great the first 2 months. then i started hangin out with an old friend, and he gets lots of tasty drugs. once things started falling apart, i realized that you cant be one place every night getting fucked up and have a girlfriend on the side. so basically i chose drugs over sex. what would YOU pick?

    oh, and if you pick OTHER, say why. maybe your S/O already does all the drugs you could want them to do or something like that. if so, i envy you -_-
  2. thurgood said it best...............however id keep the girl and just toke on the side
  3. i'd give up sex before i give up drugs. drugs is a pretty loose term. i asume we're talking more than just recreational substances.

    i'd be tempted to change my mind tho if you were including masterbation as anotha form of sex tho. gotta release the preasha somehow. ;D
  4. other..... both at the same time is an amazing thing.....

    tryin rolling then banging.... it'll change your mind about a few things in life.....:D
  5. im a phewney virgin..... :mad: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. you can still masturbate, of course. you can ALWAYS masturbate!
  7. well than i keep the drugs!

  8. Not much would change then!!!!!!!

  9. haha lmfao
  10. I can always just use my hand.. My hand never bitches or complains, it just does it's job.. Thats why I voted for drugs.. later on
  11. If she will spank my shit then i can relax and smoke my bong
    If not she will have to hang on a sec.
  12. By far I pick weed (not even drugs, just weed on it's own) over sex. By FAR.
  13. if you give up sex...you give up reproduction, that ain't cool...

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