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  1. By Steve Friess
    Source: Newsweek Magazine

    Nov. 4 issue - Is Sin City getting more sinful? Question 9-an initiative to legalize pot, making it OK to carry as many as three ounces of marijuana for private recreational purposes-pops up on the Nevada Nov. 5 ballot.

    Since 1996, eight states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana-even as the federal government continues to maintain it is illegal and occasionally stages raids on marijuana clubs.

    But Nevada is the first state to seriously consider outright legalization. Most stunning of all is that Question 9 could actually win-a prospect that has both the Bush administration and the gaming industry taking notice.
    Polls, both from local newspapers and the pro-pot group Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement, show a tight race, and that has brought out the big guns to keep voters here from lighting up.

    Bush drug czar John Walters has visited Nevada twice since August to argue the evils of pot, and former Bush Sr. aide Sig Rogich raised more than $200,000 from the casino industry for a TV campaign featuring law-enforcement leaders worrying about the Strip's becoming a 24/7 Grateful Dead concert.

    With “the most liberal drug laws in the union,” Rogich warns, “Las Vegas would become an ongoing Jay Leno joke.” Still, many political observers doubt that Question 9's core audience-young liberals-will turn out on Nov. 5 in the numbers necessary to beat the dependable opposition from elderly voters and parents.

    Even so, Marijuana Policy Project chief Robert Kampia is optimistic.

    “Most people in the country, and most of our donors, never thought we'd win,” he says. “If we lose 48-52, that's still an all-time record.” And if they win, Nevada may be only the first state to go to pot.

    Note: Legalizing pot is on the Nevada ballot this fall.

    Source: Newsweek Magazine
    Author: Steve Friess
    Published: November 4, 2002
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