Drugs and Life

Discussion in 'General' started by hookahlove, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Why is it so frowned upon to live a completely normal life and do drugs at the same time? Why can't I get high monday before my 9-5 job, smoke opium after work on wednesday, then on friday relax with a little psychedelics?
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  3. because most people cant do it,

    it's even a challenge for myself, and i'm experienced.
  4. because some things you dont want to fuck up on cause your faded/drunk/intoxicated. basicly its one kinda smart way the govt got around dumb accidents. for all those of you who think im stupid how many times have you been around a bud or anything that fucks you up really and some thing has broken? eh? thats what i thought.

    more straight forward answer: cause its your body and the govt/society tell you what to do
  5. constantly doing anything that gives one pleasure is frowned upon, why? I blame it on Judeo-Christian influence in our society

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