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  1. ex druggys or current druggys, whats the worst drug you have ever done or overdosed on? and has it affected the way weed affects your mind now?
  2. one time i took too many muscle relaxers and got fucked up and ended up crashing out 10 mins after snorting them.
  3. phenobarbital...slept for like 18 hours
  4. i guess the hardest drug iv done is dope.

    currently have a opiate problem so yes. but i like all drugs

    idunno every has different opinions of what hard drugs are.
  5. lets start by spelling druggies right
    i guess if you label them "druggy" than make them plural it would be druggy's so w/e


    the worst OD ive ever had was on caffeine
    before i started doing real drugs, i was taking caffeine pills(yea, you can buy them at any age)
    200mg a pill; 90 capsules in a bottle; less than 3$(wal-mart brand)
    i took 5
    i was a small kid
    over dosed, freaked the fuck out, thought i was gonna die, my body was shaking with no remorse, i was sweating and got extremely paranoid

    horrible feeling

    ive been careful about the drugs that you would normally worry about (never OD'd again)
    i just didnt think i had to worry about caffeine(since it was legal, and i was such a young age; around 11-12)
  6. If you're careful and respect the drugs they usually don't effect you at all atleast not noticeably. As long as you know what you're taking also(rolls...).
  7. The guy we want in this thread, to tell the best stories, unfortunately cannot.

    To those who know, know.
  8. i think i kno but need to make sure
  9. well, luke, if you're real old
    but for you not so old GC'ers
    itd be neg, the other junkie
  10. i can second this the worst ive odd was caffeine about 4700mgs it was unexplainable but i was ok
  11. Neg died? Or were you saying that because he's banned?
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCdDKEFFU7Q]YouTube - Obama Calls Kanye a 'Jackass' -- The Audio[/ame]
  13. Speedball nearly killed me once. Don't know how I'm here right now. I woke up with some needle in my arm and a group of people around me crying. Realized 'hey, I've got a problem' haven't touched smack in a few years. Crack/coke has been a battle too. I guess I could be still considered a druggie. What ever floats your boat.
  14. my worst was 6 caffeine pills, 3 vicodin, mixed with two special club cookies and 4 bong hits of purple weed, i went super pale and threw up and saw double for at least 6 hours
    i also used to drink way to much codeine cough syrup, i mixed every drug i did with weed, a lot of vicodin mostly, had 100 pills and polished them off within 3 months, im pretty sure i did a number on my brain, the eighth of gold caps probably wasnt such a good idea either considering my size, really nasty trip, smoked an 8th of weed with it just to calm the bad trip, thing is after i went sober, the only thing i felt the addiction towards was the weed, being high all day prolly gave me a mental addiction to that
    now im completely sober, last time i smoked which was 3 months ago i would feel like crap for a few days and my anxiety would get worse after i came down, im hopeful that one day this will leave me and i can smoke happily and casually with friends once or twice a week, i miss it
  15. Never over dosed.

    Worst drug was 'shit'.
  16. In a word, PCP. I went to a Motley Crue concert when I was 16. My friends and I hung around during the opening act smoking the 1/4 we had rolled into Js. Someboedy asked for a hit and I said "sure". He smoked ours with us and then fired up his. At the end he said "now you talk to angels" and walked off. I couldn't find the fucking stage. I'm at a concert, and I can see the band playing right over there, but I could not seem to walk directly towards them, I kept getting lost (and more pissed off). Finally one of the chicks I was with leads me over to a seat and we sit down and holy shit it felt like home.

    I never want to do PCP again, it was way too intense. I have done shrrooms, acid, coke, crack (which both are great for about 10 whole minutes BTW), meth (which is the lousiest up ever), X(you can't imagine a worse down), you name it but PCP was way too far fucking out.

    So to all you GC youths, have fun, smoke the herb, eat a shroom or a tab, but leave the non-trippy shit alone, it doesn't expand your mine, it just wastes braincells.


  17. haha damn thats fucked up.... so he just let u smoke his pcp laced weed knowing u didnt know it was dusted?
  18. Yeah, fucker. Though I did get the story that I never get to tell ANYONE about out of it ;-)

  19. +rep,

    just another thing to experience that some others are hesitant or scared to, but you're fine, no sweat bro lol
  20. overdosed on xanax and heroin

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