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Druggie or Pothead?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 27, 2003.


druggie or pothead

  1. Druggie - anything to get high

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  2. Pothead - only weed buddy

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  1. i think i fall into the druggie catagory since i do almost anything to get high. Of course, i stick with the weed 24/7, but ive done a lotta otha shiet too and still do wheneva it comes by.
  2. i am a drggie cuz i do pretty much anythin
  3. I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't just stick to pot, but I wouldn't do most hard drugs. I'm quite a fan of the shrooms and I'd consider trying the likes of E and acid.
  4. well i've tried shrooms,speed,poppers,salvia...alcohol and cannabis too of course, so i dunno what i would call myself, i would try acid and coke if offered but not heroin or crack or e.

    E is different, i just don't know why, alot of people i know take them but all now are saying they are sick of it and not worth it.
  5. I guess I'm both....I won't do anything to get high, but I'll do most things.
  6. weed! most of the time

    but i do like to take shrooms on the odd occasion!
  7. i've tried only tried mushrooms and salvia, and have no need to do them again. All i want is a fat sack of green and i'm straight ;)
  8. im a pothead! :D
    but i know a couple of druggies. these are people who will spend every last dime they have, pawn their belonings, and say fuk it to every bill they have just to get a buzz.
  9. I'm a pothead and wouldn't do anything for a high.
  10. I used to be a druggie. I would pop any pill, snort any line, smoke any bowl... all at the drop of a hint! I now restrict my extra curricular activities to weed. And the ever so infrequent speed binge.
  11. oh yeah !

    same here.
  12. Druggies are more along the line of people who sniff spray paint and put permanent marker on their ciggeretes. So i'd call myself a pothead:)
  13. im a pothead all i smoke is pot all day everyday until i die
  14. weed is by far my fav drug...i consider myself a pothead cuz i gave up doin shrooms n alchy for my greens...alot cheaper too...and i got it whenever i want it lol hint hint
  15. My parents would call me a druggie (if they knew). But, I'm just a humble pothead. Mmm.. love that greenery.
  16. Druggie here - ill do about anything...
  17. ive only done pot.. but i want to see whats out there.. just cause
  18. just a pothead.. stick to the green and you'll be good :D
  19. No druggie here.. I'm just a cool stoner who loves to be a mellow-fellow!!!
  20. i think i might fall under the druggie, but im not really sure. i like to take pills and shit like that, but my main buzz is from bud. so i dont really know.

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