drug use all together

Discussion in 'General' started by thenolan, May 12, 2006.

  1. people do not understand
    i love drugs
    when you do drugs it makes you better not worse
    my friends constantly give me shit for doing drugs
    they think every time you do another drug your brain gets fried and you get scummier
    every time you do another drug you get smarter, more experience, jesus more everything

    ecstasy is the greatest drug ever made
    i havent tried acid but i want to as soon as possible

    i have done:
    smoke bud
    lots of coke
    pills like vics and codeine
    probably more drugs that i cant think of
    someone please agree with me that drugs make you better and make your life have a lot more meaning
  2. alcohol is a drug, im sure you have drank before lol

    people always seem to forget that when they talk about drugs
  3. you arent a drug addict till you smoke rock on the regular like me

  4. i agree, id list my repetoire of drugs, but this isnt a competition and frankly i dont remember them all
  5. fuck man you gotta try the advil.FUUUUUUUUCKs you up. dont forget to add that to your list!!
  6. I do not belive that list of drugs you have taken would make you a better person. Maybe if you specialized in shrooms or acid and bud then I could see your point.
  7. Completely agree with wookie..in no way or form does doing coke make you a better person.
  8. Depends if the drug is used in a harmful manner or not. Hate to break it to you boys (and girls) but my drug use has expanded my mind more then you'd think. I've become more accepting of a ton of people/things I never would have before and became more of a well rounded person.

    I agree with the orignal poster. Not going to list all the drugs I've tried because this isn't about dick sizing but you've made a very valid point.

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