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Drug Tests

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ronzoid, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. I'm on parole, and have to take periodic drops. Any advice opn how to beat them?
  2. Do you get told when you have to do them or are they surprise ones?
    I was told to abstain a few days and flush your system with water
    drink tons of it.
    make sure you pee a few times before you go in to the test the day of...and drink a LOT of water that day.
    they don't actually test for drugs in the system but for some kinda thing that is in drugs and a certain level is kinda looked over ... not sure of all this but this is what a "dealer" friend of mine had said to me.
    so good luck
    p.s. if it works lemme know
  3. I've been doing loads of research because I want to get hired at a different location. THey test in the EMIT machine for levels above 50 I think those are nm for a unit but I don't know what that stands for. A home test shows if you are above this level- go to a head shop and ask for a one or five panel home test-they know what you are asking for. But be careful because they also test down to as low as 10nm so just because you pass a home test doesn't mean you are clean. Also go to or www. They have loads of info and products plus live help so you can talk annonymously to someone who can give you some more answers. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. Don't smoke.

    It's the easiest way. Just don't smoke untill there's no more drug tests...
  5. Just say No to drugs!
  6. I keep saying no but they won't frickin listen!!!

    I was on probation... The key is, to get a good relationship w/ your parole officer, and see if they'll let you know in advance ~ then try a cleaner. I used eXXXtra Clean or something like that and not once failed a drug test. I did quit for about a year before I started to trust those cleaners though, wish I had started back up sooner but oh well i'm off proby and my charges were dropped so i'm free~

    good luck with your situation! if you get randomly tested, try to see if there's a pattern in their "random" testing. i personally don't think i'd risk it if it was a random thing.

    Sin is right, you could probably get away with a minimal amount in your system, but be careful, because you can't really monitor your own THC levels to my knowledge. I took benadryl once and it showed up as a methamphetamine on my test (!!!) I freaked out, but had told her beforehand, and she was like "nah that was the antihistamine."
    good luck!!

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