Drug Tests At Job Interviews

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    Got a call late last night to come in this morning for a job interview at the Hard Rock as a valet, was stoked about it too! Feared that an impending drug test would intervene with my plans...and it did. Got there this morning, got interviewed, got to the end and she asked if I was ready for a drug test on the spot. The fact of the matter being there was no way in fuck I was going to pass this thing.

    Lady told me if I had a "scheduling" conflict with the drug test and couldn't take it immediately I would be basically turning the job down right then.

    Fuck man and the only reason I can't pass is because of some harmless Mary Jane. When shall we the stoners stop being oppressed? Justice needs to be served! And so continues the job hunt, but in the meantime...still blazing :smoke:
  2. Did you take the test? I would've, screw them! I can't believe the Hard Rock Cafe of all places would drug test! They wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for psychedelics and pot.
  3. If you want a job that doesn't drug test, try AutoZone. I start my first day of work in two hours and haven't heard anything about a drug test except a background check. Wish me luck and Goodluck to you.
  4. Dude, it's the worst. I had an interview yesterday at a pizza place and it went really well so they told me to come back the next day (today) for a second interview. I stopped by my dealer's and picked up a quarter so that I could celebrate after my second interview. They even gave me a coupon for a free medium pizza (munchiesssss). 
    I get home and my mom said Costco called. So I have an interview with them Friday. I hear they usually do 2 or 3 rounds of interviews and drug test if they hire you... so basically, it may be a week before I get to smoke up.
  5. Ya know I have a friend of mine who has his A+ & Security and he could get a decent job but is really mad becuz everywhere he goes they're tryin' to drug test him. I told him ay stop bein' a fuckin' retard quit smokin' for a bit and once you get tha job start smokin' again
  6. I would do the test and let them turn me down.
    You never know, they might just be trying to make sure they don't hire someone strung out on meth.
    damn bro thats some whack shit. I wouldn't expect them to drug test you there it seems like such a relaxed environment. You would definitely make some decent cash there though people spend big money there

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