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Drug testing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ninja11, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Okay, I'm working for a company where they are wanting to give me a promotion but my promotion requires me to have a drug screening. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago. I was not an extreme smoker but could say I smoked a little every day or every other day. and I'm very active. I work out 4 sometimes 5 days a week and ALL I drink is water. I also sustain a healthy not but 125 lbs. What are my chances if being able to pass the urine test without dilution? I also was going to buy an at home drug test to see where i stand now. Are these tests similar to lac corp?
  2. When's the test?
  3. I have to scedule it sometime this week so I was going to go in Thursday morning
  4. based on you blazing history, specs, and detox habits activities--I would estimate your detection window to be NLT 30 days for submitting an undiluted piss sample. THC is the ultimate tattle tell drug---as you are high for 30 mins but will test positive for 30 plus days.
  5. Theres no telling. Ever.
    Wth non diluted piss youll probably get popped. Just go into the dilution thread and read it.
  6. I quit smoking for over 5 years then smoked for two months maybe a gram or two a day and after 3 weeks a athome test had a solid positive but when i drank a gallon of water it was negative and a good negative(line was there but a tiny faded on one side, looked like i put too much pee in haha)
  7. Is it necessary to take creatine like people suggest or will i be okay taking my vitamin b's that I usually take? Someone had suggested I take a 5 hour energy as well
  8. Update:
    I just took an at home first check drug test. I did my normal routine today as far as meals and water and an hour ago I drank about 4 16oz bottles of water and my results came back negative. I changed my appt for tomorrow at 4 which is the same time now assuming if I go about this routine that I should be okay. Is it safe to say I'm in the clear for this test?

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