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  1. My friend got this job in applebees and is going in for training on monday. Would they drug test right there in the restaurant or send you to a lab? She didn't sign any paper work in the application for a drug test but when she went to the interview the manager said we may or not drug test you and her dad good friends with the manager.
  2. If she didn't sign anything stating that, then I don't think they can make her (ask a lawyer). But if she does have to drug test, they'll have her do it at a lab or health care facility.
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    LMFAO drug testing in an Applebees bathroom?! You've gotta be kidding [​IMG]

    Every time I've been piss tested, it's been at a place that is just for such testing. They make sure you're you, you have your ID etc. Then they give you your cup and you go into the bathroom that has signs all over the place like don't flush the toilet or w/e. You give the cup to the lab tech, who is someone wearing scrubs and gloves, they make sure the temp and such is good, and you go. No way in hell is this going to happen in the bathroom of a restaurant...
  4. I've never heard of an Applebee's that does drug test.

    I worked there a few years back... if they drug tested, literally everyone (not counting the queer GM) would have lost their job.

    Might be different where you're at though. If they do want her to test, it absolutely won't be at the restraunt.
  5. ^ Yeah I gotta add that I doubt a place like Applebees would go through the expense to drug test new hires, unless they suspect the people to be users in the first place. You might get tested while you're employed, or if you're involved in an accident or something (like at DirecTV where I work, if you get into any vehicle accident or hurt yourself like falling off a roof, you're immediately piss tested). Working at Applebees isn't exactly the kinda job where being sober or not makes any difference :p
  6. some places dont care if u test positive for weed...a lot of the time they are just checkin that ur not on hard drugs like coke etc...if i was gonna be piss tested for a job in the near future i would be like "ya so if ur really gonna test me i WILL test positive for mj...but thats it and i wont be at work high" lol...cuz im not gonna spend $$ on sometyhing to make me clean and i dont feel like drinking a bunch water or cranberry juice
  7. Applebee's drug testing? Really?

    Thats the job you get because you cant pass a drug test. LMAO
  8. lmfao i thought you were talking about sitting down at applebee's and trying different drugs.
  9. IF they drug test, it won't be there. They'll give her an address of a place and she'll have to go there within so many hours.
  10. that would be hilarious
    they just give her a bottle and tell her to go piss in it in the bathroom at the place she is going to work
  11. lmao if you read it thinking like that it does :p
  12. So wait does anybody know if they still do?
  13. Applebees are franchises, and drug testing vary on a case by case basis. If you're trying to get a job and are concerned about drug testing, stop smoking cannabis.

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