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Drug Testing for KCS railroad, I got a question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Tookielooky, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. So I'll kept it short. My Bf just got offered a railroad job and he's freakin out. He's a habitual smoker (5-6 times a day, using a vap (magic flight box)). He works out religiously (5'10, 220lbs, big guy). He loves to run and lift weights. He ended up buying permenant 5 detox pills(because the lady at the pipes emporium claims she has a dude who comes in once a month to get them and pass his dt(I'm calling bs). He bought it and GNC detox 2 day drink.

    He has a week. I told him I'll get him two giant cases of Fiji water(awesome water btw), 8 jugs of 100% cranberry juIce, and a case of Gatorade. Told him nothing else to drink but those, and run 2-3 miles a day.

    He still wants to take the pills and the drink.

    I get a bad vibe about them.

    Any advice??? It would be awesome if I can get some helpful feedback and stories! Thanks in advance!
  2. When was the last time he smoked?
  3. About 2 hours ago. He found my flight box and cashed what I had in there. He said that was it.

  4. If he smoked 2 hours ago he's pretty much screwed :( only option is to get synthetic urine, or get someone else's clean urine the day of the drug test and sneak that in and use it. Goodluck :)
  5. If he gets the sythentic urine, what kind should he get? Btw, since they do a physical along with the piss test, I wonder if they watch him pee or not :/?

  6. I'm not sure what kind, someone else could probably help with that, but if they go to watch him he could just request being alone because it makes him feel uncomfortable, or something like that

  7. Thanks so much :)! He may be a habitual pothead, but he needs this job so me and his son can get the hell out of my religious parents house. (not so easy to smoke here, more reason I have a vap) :D

  8. Goodluck :) and the day before the test maybe buy a home drug test and see if he tests positive or negative so you know if you need to use the synthetic urine

  9. Kk, guess I'll have to research some products then :/. I appreciate the help! :)

  10. Kk, thanks! :D

  11. I just looked it up and looks great! Only problem, hey don't ship to my area :,(
  12. I have a friend who passed a drug test when he had smoked a week before it. He said that he took 4 500mg pills of niacin and drank a gallon of water every day for a week and passed his drug test. I doubt this is 100% but it worked for him lol.
  13. Lol, he diluted the hell out of his pee. I just hope he passes this test!! I'll have to post the results!
  14. Yeah keep us updated! Good luck!

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