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Drug testing and second-hand smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bugsnyc, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Hey all! Not sure if this is the right section for this kind of query.....

    So a friend that's been staying me for the past 1.5 months has a drug test coming in a 1 week. We're starting to get concerned cause Im a heavy toker. Could my smoking affect my friend's test results??

  2. If he doesn't smoke himself, no. There may be smoe but the ammount won't register on the drug test. Your room mate will most likely be allright. If he is still nervous just tell him to drink a lot of water before the test and he'll be good.

    I'm not sure what they test for in the piss but i think its a by-product of your body metabolizing the THC and canaboniods. And according to NORML yo absorb most of it in 3sec in your lungs, and if hes not getting high from the 2nd hand smoke his body isn't metabolizing any THC and canaboniods so in effect he won't test possitive.

    If its a hair test then he might be in trouble, but not sure.
  3. Hey thnx Corndog! Whew...
  4. if i were you as a precaution i would tell him to not smoke or be around you when you smoke for the next week.
  5. Tell him to smoke a bowl to calm his nerves

    wait no..
  6. Didn't you hear about the canadian snowboarder in th ol. a few years back? He tested positive and blamed it on 2. hand smoke. Got to keep his gold medal

  7. yeah, and i'm jesus
  8. i hate to be a an intruder but, ur body does register THC from second hand smoke.... very lil but it does.... it doesnt show up in most home testings.... but when i was on prohbation i tested positive for like 0.06 % er sumthin of THC .... they knew it wasnt from smoking it directly so i wasnt in ne trouble.... it all depends on the type of test your gettinn. allso if u have to vinegar and water works well to clean your system and you dont have to worry about testin positive for drug cleaners./.... peace out sam
  9. unless u been hotboxing it prolly wont matter.. and those hair tests cost a fortune
  10. What do you mean by this? You don't belive him or what? lol

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