Drug Test!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by ripterr, May 20, 2006.

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    Ok heres the scenario.I had a drug test today that basically decided whether I will be making a lot of money or I will be broke for a long time.Also if I failed the test I will probaly be kicked out of my house.

    This is my 1st drug test,and I have to wait 5 agonizing days to find out the result.After I tell you what I did,do you think I passed or not?

    I smoke 5 days a week - usually 2 bowls a day,sometimes a little more.(Like once a month ill smoke 6 - 10 bowls in a day)

    Tuesday - I smoked about 2 bowls with my friends like usual,later that night I find out I will be getting a drug test soon, I heard drinking lots of water helps clean your system a lot, I drink about almost a gallon of water that night.

    Wednesday - Didnt smoke at all, Drink about 1 gallon and a half of water,had a small workout.

    Thursday - Didnt smoke ,Drinked probally 2 and a half gallons - worked out pretty good-lost decent amount of sweat.

    Friday- Woke up at 5:30 am, drink 20 oz of water. An hour later at 6:30 am I drink 40 more oz of water and took some stuff thats suppose to clean your system for 5 hours- it was like a 1 oz liquid and 4 tablets-the guy at the head shop said it was a guarentee to work.I even bought a self tester(FDA says its 99% accurate) and tested my self at about 7:30 am after I took the stuff ,and I passed,but theres a small chance it could be wrong. At 8:30 am I took the pee test,keep in mind i didnt drink anything or eat anything after the 40 oz of water and the cleaner.

    Do you guys think Ill pass or not?

    By the way im 6'0 168 lbs.

    I had to post this here because its all ive been thinking about,I have so much riding on this test,if I fail im SCREWED lol :/
  2. i would almost guarantee it myself.........
    almost no doubt in my mind
  3. guarentee that I pass?
  4. Please people give me your oppinions,thanks :)
  5. if you tested your self before you pissed and passed then you probaly shouldnt worry about it

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