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  1. Does outback restraunts drug test? ex) outback, bonefish grill
  2. They would probably tell you but I'd guess they don't since most restaurants don't want to waste the money on buying tests
  3. most resturants wont unless given notable resoan
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    Anyway OP- I work club and private security now, but growing up all I worked was restaurants. Most will not dt unless u try and claim workman's comp. Plus in my experience most people in the food industry smoke..

    Good luck with Tha job
  5. this is a old post but i work for bonefish and they dont drug test unless u hurt your self and need workmans comp.
  6. So yall, ive stopped smoking for 2-3 days after a few week tbreaks. And i did an at home thc test and passed last night just by pissing clear. im sitting in the clinic, i took 2 asprin 4 hours ago, prolly went threw 2 gallons of water or cranberry juice, took 2 bvitamin complex suppliments, and within the hour of me getting here 2 red bulls. I pissed a good tint of neon and was pissing every 15 minutes i was waiting. Now im waiting for time to tell. :toke:
  7. -Aspirin doesn't do anything. Long ago it used to be able to confuse tests, but they have fixed that.
    -2 gallons of water/juice is way to excessive. You have a good chance of getting a dilute result and, either failing the test or being forced to retake it.
    -good luck

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