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  1. Today I found out I have an interview on Friday. It's for a hotel (front desk). I'm not sure if there will be a drug test, but I guess it's best to assume there will be so obviously I won't smoke until after I find out. I smoke 1 or 2 times a week with friends, and the last time I did was 2 nights ago. What can I do if there is anything to clean up in time? I would assume I have to take a drug test (if there is one) a day or two after the interview which is Friday. Thanks for any help
  2. wow! your the first one in the history of grasscity to make a thread about a drug test!

    congrats man.
  3. Im not entering a contest here so shut the hell up kid. You have no business here
  4. Great advice guy, your the first one in the history of grasscity to have such a witty reply!

    ...Anywho, OP the only thing I could suggest is niacin (WARNING CAN CAUSE LIVER DAMAGE), and water. I drank about a gallon of water with a like 600mg of niacin and passed my drug test. I couldn't tell you whether this would work for you though, as everyones body is different, and the niacin and water might not even be why I passed my test. Good luck though.
  5. I might try that ive heard others talking about niacin. Did you take 600mg each day leading up to the test?

  6. it is true tho, he can just use the search button and there's TONS of threads

    i mean what does the op really want us too tell him that he probably doesn't already know/couldn't find on google/hasn't been posted a million times?
  7. No I only took it the night before the test, because it was on pretty short notice. I'm not sure whether taking it days before would help, but it couldn't hurt (besides the liver part). I know that drinking a bunch of water days before won't help at all though.
  8. It doesn't matter how often you smoke man. I was on probation pretty much and got drug tested ever other month or so. I smoked every day and passed all my tests. This is how I did it...
    1.) The day of the test, wake up and start drinking cups of water.
    2.) Drink about 10 huge cups of these and wait for about 20 mintues to one hour and wait until you start pissing a lot.
    3.) Once your pissing about every 10 mintues and it's staright water then your rdy.
    4.) Drink A LOT more water.
    5.) In total you should have drunk at least about 2 gallons of water before the test that day.
    6.) Drink a lot before the test as well (A few hours before hand)
    7.) Piss a few times before going in, and make sure it's still pissing water
    8.) Go in and piss, you won't have a problem going. (You'll have a problem not going in the car on the way over!)
    9.) And wait for results, you should have passed.
    *This isn't 100% for sure but it is a GREAT bet.
    I passed both of my tests like this:
    1.) One smoking the DAY BEFORE
    2.) One smoking 4 days before.
    Good Luck! :hello:
  9. hahaha, great respond bro. but be sure to brush your teeth a lot and to use fluoride/listerine in the morning, because it could be an oral test.
  10. Do this, AND take a Vitamin B complex, it turns your piss golden yellow so it won't be obviously diluted. :wave: Passed countless DTs this way.
  11. He's been here since August of '09, you just joined this month. Know your damn place.:rolleyes:
  12. ahah thanks. ya I was going to do that + some OJ before I go in just incase =p
  13. Thanks, I'll try to follow this. My friend was on colors for a year or so and we still blazed pretty regularly haha. One time he smoked the day before with me and somehow passed. Pretty crazy + pretty stupid ahah
  14. word thanks!
  15. =p, that kids a tool ive seen him post plenty of dumb shit the past few days
  16. You can also try taking:
    2 AZO Standards (womens urinary track cleaner. It'll make your piss red and slowing go clear the more you pee, once clear you should be good to go.)
    Water Pills
    Gallon of water

    I actually may be getting tested today and I did the above, I really hope I dont fail cause I DO NOT want to lose this job. I havnt even been smoking, until this past week cause it was my friends 21st.
  17. be careful, there is such a thing as dieing from drinking too much water. Just say'n
  18. i passed a drug test in 3 days, all i did was drink a lot of water and take 2 multi vitamins the day of the test + drink 5 cups of water

    my piss was gold/bright yellow
  19. GL and thx for advice

  20. Uh, no, don't do this. When applying for a job, more times than not they will also test the centrin levels in your piss, and when you drink a lot of water those levels go down, meaning they will know you were trying to dilute your piss.

    Anyway, what you want to do is drink water, but not the day of your test you want to drink 1-2 gallons a day leading up to your drug test. Also, i can't stress this enough, exercise everyday. THC is fat soluble, which means its stored in the fat molecules in your body. Your goal is to speed up your metabolism, so it burns more fat, and thus getting the THC out of your body quicker.

    Remember, the day of your test, don't eat anything 3-4 hours before the test. Drink orange juice, or green tea, so the centrin levels in your piss aren't too low, and you should be fine.

    Another quick tip: don't put the beginning or the end piss in the cup, that contains the most THC. Try to piss a little, then in the cup, then in the toiliet.

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