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drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedisgood420, Aug 20, 2008.

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    hey guys i need some help for my bro

    my bro is trying out for a hs sport, he is 16. i last smoked with him saturday and he needs to get his blood drawn for cholesterol, and all that other good stuff. on the paper it said nothing about drug testing. but i was just wondering if they do find thc in his blood are they going to tell my parents that he smoked. by they way this is for my bro so if you want to acuse me for being under age . kiss my ass

    also i was wondering does thc stay in your blood for 30 days or is it just like piss test were as long as u drink lots of fluids you will be fine?
  2. The THC is actually present in your fat cells so it will read the same whether it is blood urine or hair. If they are not looking for it generally they won't say anything unless your parents request it. I had to do the same when I was in hs and I know I had THC in system during my physicals.

    best way to clean your system is cranberry juice and exercise IMO.
  3. as i said its not for me but thanx i will tell my bro to start running asap... on the treadmill of course since its pretty much pitch black here in maryland
  4. if they don't say that they're testing it for drugs, they're not going to

    also, THC can't just show up on a test, they can't be testing your blood for something and then happen to find out that you smoke weed

    they have to be looking for a drug in your system before they can find it, they won't just "stumble" upon it
  5. yeah chevyguy has a great point, but I know some physicals do test for prohibited substances of all kind so it might help to know what they are looking for.
  6. i actually think they are just looking for health related stuff noit drugs or anything. when i looked at it i saw cholesteral, and a bunch of other things, but i dont know what half the stuff on there meant ill go lookign around were my mom would prolly keep it ill keep you updated if i find it .

    p.s. im not doing this for free for my bro im getting a gram of some dank no name shit hes got rite now. and i took a few bowl hits of this stuff and it pretty knocked me out for 2 hrs of pure couch lock
  7. thye test he is getting is for cholesteral, hdl cholesteral, cbc ( searching on google for what this is), and a urinalysis. i have never seen him drink so much water in my life lol

    EDIT: CBC is complete blood count for anybody that cares
  8. If I'm correct, they have to tell you everything they're looking for, and can't test for anything else without a request from you or your parent(s).

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