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  1. alright well im pretty sure my parents are goin to drug test me in about a week ,but i need to know a way to pass a drug test its one of the ones just for marijuana and it says it is 99.9% correct i know they have one cause i saw it sitting on the counter and i read it and looked at it so i need to know a way to pass a drug test that someone has actully done and KNOW it works for a fact not just something they heard. any help would be a apreciated
  2. Clean piss is really the only 100% sure successful thing you can do. You can get detox, but I wouldn't trust it. If you can't get clean piss, go to the gym every day for 2 hours and try to sweat it out of you and drink alot of water, and right before the test drink 3 red bulls, and all the sugar//caffeine in it will give the test crazy results(I've done this before and it WORKS) and by the time they get the results and try to retest you, you'll be able to give them your own piss and pass..
  3. well it says results in just minutes
  4. I'd do it anyway and they'll probably think the Drug Test sucks ass and get a lab test which will take longer...
  5. okay i posted a thread about azo... blah blah blah but this that is for lab tests, this home test it actually simple as long as it doesnt have a temperature reading, which my parents do not have for my drug testing. Im in college and my parents say if i dont show up clean im cut off of my spending money. To make shit short i emptied a big economy size visine bottle, then i filled it up with water and took a big yellow highlighter tip inside when you pop the visine top. and then i leave it for 5 min to settle and then i shake it up and its piss looking. = If you over did it on the highlighting, and its too bright or too yellow you simply say you took a supplement for workout excersise like nano xlode or no-xplode. that will baffle them when they read the ingredient and you will get the benefit of da doubt.
  6. Those tests just test for a certain level, not any, kwim? They are just like a preg. test. We pre-tested my boyfriend for a job. :lol: The best thing would be just to chug water like you just got back from the desert and also put some vinegar in your water. I like raw apple cider vinegar, it tastes yummy, but whatever. A spoonful in each glass. Do this at least 24 hours prior. Also, you could try drinking Kombucha too. That's vinegar based and you can get it in the health food store. Anyway, you can also try goldenseal tincture, also from the health food store. That is supposed to work, but hey don't over do that. Can be dangerous. Just don't use stuff from the head shop either. It won't be any more effective than plain old H20 with vinegar and possibly goldenseal and may be dangerous. Good luck!

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