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Drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cechurchy17, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Okay, so I am a heavy smoker, like everyday for the past 4 years. I just decided to join the Navy which I knew I was going to have to stop smoking. I stopped on July 24, and on August 8 my recruiter gave me a drug test just to see if I'd pass and if I could go to training soon. I told him I probably wouldn't (because he's cool af and just wants me to be clean before I go) and I actually did. I didn't do anything different, and it was a sort of expensive cup test that tested everything. Well then today I had an old test from dollar general so I took that cause I was just confused on how I passed the other one (because I've gotten clean before and my body takes at LEAST a month) and I failed this one. I don't know which on to go off of and if I should be good before August 18 when I go take my test. Any ideas or anything please comment and let ya girl know! :)
  2. Heavy smoker can take up to 70+ days or more. All I can say is drink a ton of water and work out a ton to sweat out toxins. Good luck man.
  3. you're rambling on and on...did you pass or fail the test?
    i trust dollar store piss test they are 98 percent accurate.
  4. Just another 3 post account passing by this section hoping by everybody saying "drink water, workout, dilute" that their piss will just be clean all of a sudden haha.
    But to answer her question;
    I wouldnt be confident. Just wait it out and take your time... The navy wont be going anywhere, be safe and just take 3 months to clean up and then come back. That will give you time to clean up and you also have more time to study up and get some more noggin power.
  5. I guess she failed because she went ghost.
  6. Haha like i said, another account made that wont ever return because they just want a stranger to say "yup, your piss is clean I guarentee it" haha
  7. Any blazer that cares about they reputation will never tell any stranger anyth misleading but simply most folks are just wanting reassurance that pot can be detected longer than you expect.
  8. As someone that works/manages in a testing lab, most of your over the counter testing units are of higher quality than the ones we acquire in bulk. Our training encourages us to make you worry by being vague, not talking about the testing itself, and having all of these BS instructions to discourage tampering when you come to test.

    We are also know that the rules of thumb with time to expel toxins are usually incorrect. For example, you always hear that it can take about 90 days to be fully clean if you are a heavy smoker... just not the case 99% (barring kidney or bladder issues) of the time. If you are ripping daily several times (like myself) you are likely to pass a test about about a month at most by doing nothing but abstaining. My wife is a fairly regular smoker (3-5 x/wk) and she passed one of the testing labs tests after 3 days of abstaining. She didn't do anything it's always suggested to do before urinalysis, but she did take it 2 hrs after waking up, drank a monster, and didn't eat a meal until after testing.

    My suggestion to anyone is to drink a 24 oz monster 1 hr before testing due to the high L-Carnitine levels in that drink (which increases and displaces urine weight to push toxin ridden piss first. much like an oil water mixture), whizzing 1x before testing, sampling in the middle of your stream and not eating at all that day before testing. Even if you smoked 32 hrs before you will still likely pass.

    Just wanting to give some inside info! :)
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  9. Great info! I will definitely save this post.
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    1. I will definitely use the ''monster drink" technique you suggested if a future need for a piss test arises; however, I would pair it with more like a 17 to 20 day abstaining period, which also consisted of many sweating workouts. I just would never advise anyone with the "blazing frequency" of your wife (i.e., getting stoned 5x per week) and any such stranger who is reading this thread for advice to expect that a 3 day only abstinence phase-- as was done by your wife-- that their piss to test out "negative". Any such blazer would test out "positive" 100% of the time--and cause the blazer to not get hired for the job or suffer a parole violation or adjudicated insurance denial, etc.---- becz the detection window is just way too extended under such a pot smoking frequency.
  11. Took me 30 days. I'm 235-240 lbs 6'1
  12. I really hope only the idiots believe a few of these replies... Labs dont run shitty and cheap tests and even their "standard" pre test are more expensive and way better than any test you will find at walmart and I know that for a fact.
  13. Thanks for replying! The monster really does work. It's more of a temporary masking agent. Me pointing out my wife was to show the inconsistency of what we have always been told and of the testing itself. I think and hope that someone would not be dumb enough to try to push something like that with parole or a new job on the horizon... it is meant to give comfort for those "random" tests.

    Like the one reply stated... it took him way less time to pass at his or her weight Than the old fashioned 90 day mark!

    And a labs standard "pretest" is a stick and probably the same grade you'll find at Dollar General. But what do I know? I only do about 70-100 of them a week.
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  14. I may be wrong but if I'm not mistaken when they run a drug test for THC and others but in this particular case THC don't they look for the antibodies not the drug itself at least that's what I thought I may be wrong

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  15. Metabolites...31 of them.
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  16. But with drinking liquids, you are diluting the amount of metabolites that you will urinate out because the amount of fluid you consume. I had 48 ounces of fluid an hour before so that I could urinate.
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  17. Just don't think it will cover much... Abstinence from it is the only way... I consumed alot of fluids leading up to the date I had to take my test. I had 11 tests of my own to see where I stood..the week before (20ish days clean), I was still hot...soo when I started passing them, it eased my mind. In general 30 days was the norm to pass...but it could be up to 90.
    The only sure way is sub. Which I had a backup plan in place..if I had to.
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  18. Just smoke these 2 ounces of Fastberry and call me in the morning I Guarantee you will be clean the next day. :) On the real here I have test here at the house where I'm clean in 5-8 days smoking only once a month. Multiple times in one week you can easily test positive 30 days out. Play it safe by sweating it out and going without for a month to be safe prior to testing. Now where was I?? Ohh yeah right here about to spark up another white boy.

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  19. Hey i smoked once in my life. Took two to 4 pulls. Do you think it’s possible for me to get rid of it in 4 days. I’ve take several home kits and the last 5 were negative for thc metabolite but I took a lab test drank only cranberry juice in the morning. Do you think it’ll reap similar results

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