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  1. I haven't smoked since June 5th 2017 and I'll be getting drug tested at meps on July 17 2017, I also run about 3 miles every other day and mainly only drink water. Will I pass??
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    Probably. How much did you use to smoke?


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  3. Like once every other day, not heavily at all
  4. If you only smoked a joint or two occasionally (once-twice a week), then you should be fine. If you use to smoke everyday a couple-few joints then u're probably screwed. However, I still believe you have a good chance at passing it because it's been over 30 days and your system should be clean by now. It'll be 40+ days when you get tested, so you should be fine.
    Stay optimistic, that's all you can really do at this point. Best of luck, pal. :hookah:
  5. if you got 8 bucks i suggest buying a test kit at walmart. Better safe than sorry
  6. Did you pass?
  7. thc is not biggie is your active you have to be reg user for it to build up plenty of time to detox

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