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Drug test

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Truey420, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. I haven't smoked in one year and I smoked 2 grams can I get it out or pass a drug test by Monday or in a week
  2. Yeah I'm that's what I'm thinking. I've been drinking water and cranberry juice. I heard sweating helps
  3. Why not get a piss kit or real urine online. You have more than enough time. Drinking water and cranberry isn't going to cut it
  4. Because I have to take it in front of someone as I do it. I don't got the kind of money to spend 130 on a wizz kit! Idk why I smoked
  5. Unless they're going to be looking directly at your dick, it straps to you. Ask your parents or friendsfor cash and you will pay them back with interest when yo get the job. :smoke:
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  6. Yeah I guess that's the best option thanks man
  7. Research dilution ,it works
    The most simple dilution process will work

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  9. Actually if it's your first time in a year it won't be detectable for very long as long as they're not testing your hair. Blood is detectable for about a week and urine several days just avoid any heavy physical activity and drink a ton of water so that your urine is clear every time and you should be good. If it makes you feel better hit up a drug store and buy yourself a test for $20.
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  10. Word man. Thanks that at least makes me feel better. That's what I was thinking too since I read on other sites about the tolarance and stuff. Tbh I think I'll be good
  11. Update. After about five or six days. I went and bought a one dollar thc test and came back clean. So I'll be good thanks for your imput guys :yay:
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