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Drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokintrippin, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. I tooo one very small hit of weed didn't really even inhale , it was no longer then 1 second and not a deep inhale at all. 2 months clean , clear system took the hit Friday and drug test on Tuesday and i diluted it. I am 5'9" 145 lbs decent matabalism , did I pass it or no. Not a at home test went to a lab , for an iop probation threw me ln.
  2. You will test positive and the judge will sentence you to 10 years being big bubbas bitch in cell block D.

    Hahaha Just kidding. You will most likely test negative if all you took was just 1 hit.
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  3. Bet thanks homie
  4. Can someone give me some insight ? I'm 24 yrs old 6'0 165 slim/athletic build with a fast metabolism and lower body fat. I don't work out anymore but play basketball twice a week and sweat my ass off. I am now at day 28 of not smoking, before this break I had smoked for the past 3 years every day minus a 3 month break at one point (about an 1/8th a week, good weed too). I took an at home test today and failed (could barely make out the second line). I'm wondering how much longer do you all think it will take me to get clean ? I have an interview Wednesday (4/12/17) today is Monday (4/10/17). I'm not 100% positive I will be tested the same day as the interview but its possible. Do you all think my best bet is fake piss ? I'm nervous to use fake piss because I have never done that before. I have actually never had to have a UA. BTW fuck Ronald Reagan and the miserable war on drugs. It's very sad I'm better off being addicted to pills being able to flush them out within a week. Our system is so fucked up and I'm sick of this unnecessary stress. :sad:

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