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  1. Today my dad found a g i had lost and i told him i had made a party while they were out of town that someone must have left it, my dad believed me but still said he was going to want me to take a drug test, i smoked yesterday so idk what to do, i have a really fast metabolism i weight 105 pounds 5'3, does anyone know how can i pass a drug test really fast? i am a regular smoker

  2. Hello! I would be happy to help you out, but just know these are my opinions and thoughts. You could look 1000 different places and get 1000 different answers when it comes to the mighty drug test.

    First off, just so I don't shatter or crush any hopes.. It's not going to be easy, and you are really going to have to bank on that fast metabolism of yours.
    Do you know when he is going to drug test you? Is he/mom/sibling going to watch you or make sure you aren't pulling any funny business?
    If you have time head to your local headshop and see what they have. They should offer you either a drink or fake piss. The fake pee will be your best bet if you know when he's going to test you and he won't be crowding your space. If you've been clean for about 48 hours get the drink. Most say anywhere from 90%-99.99% success rate and once drank give you a 6-8hr time frame.
    I've used both and have passed 2/3 times. Drink failed me once. Pee passed 1/1.

    Those are just the two simplest ways to pass a test. I'm sure you've been reading ways to pass all night and have just been wandering which ones work as which don't.

    When it comes to a drug test the #1 way and almost only way to pass while on the product is to dilute your system. Drink lots of water. Take vitamin b12 and a tablespoon of salt for every 16oz of water and you should be fine.

    2 solid options and than my personal favorite that I like to use. I hope your test goes over well and if not, just tell your dad someone gave you special brownies and you had no idea ;) cheers!
  3. You will fail unless ylu use fake pee
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  4. yeah dont even try, go get piss from a friend
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    if it's a drug test from Walmart get warm apple juice and dilute with water. The ones I bought don't even test the temp or if it's real urine or anything. All they test for is the metabolites. That's all. You can also use food coloring and warm water. You WILL PASS THE CHEAP AT HOME DRUG TEST. If you don't believe me, buy one, and fill it with warm water. It will say you passed.
  6. just grab your pals pish and sneak it into the bottle.
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    don't feel too bad even if you get caught. less than two weeks ago i was being drug tested alone with a bp monitor in the principals office, in front of three teachers, the principal, and my mom, who had no idea i did any type of this shit. i failed, of course, in front of all of them, because i was high as fuck when they were testing me. it was rough, but here i am back at it and trying to start toking regularly again

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