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Drug Test with Synthetic Urine Update 2011

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SourDbytheOz, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I was looking online for advice on a drug test I had a few weeks ago but couldnt find recent information on what synthetic urine still works for todays drug tests. Ive been recently hired so i decided give some advice. If you hate reading and just want a quick solution ive summarized this forum direcly below:

    Company Testing: eScreen
    Product used was Ultra Pure Pro.
    Cost: 29.99 at my local smoke shop
    Date Product Tested: 7/20/2011
    Test results: Pass. Temperature at 98 degrees.
    Clothing recommended: briefs, jeans AND A LONG SHIRT!

    When you pass the interview theyll give you a sheet with the drug test company address and name. The company that administered my test was eScreen. So if you luck out on that, I can safely say youll pass.

    Ultra pure came with everything you need including heat pad and tempurate reader built into the container. Heat the product before you get there obviously. Its easier to heat and cool it when its already at the 90 degree zone. If your on the go, the car heater will get it ready without problems.

    When ready put the container in your briefs. Theyll tell you to empty your pockets before the testing.

    Also! She put a blue solution in the water which made me nervous as shit because i didnt know if it was to detect any type of thc by changing colors or synthetic products. I hadnt read about any solutions before a drug test so I was careful not to spill any synthetic in water. I used the bare minimum synthetic and told her i couldnt go that much to justify not using the toilet with the unknown solution.

    Make sure the temp is at the 98 to 96 range when you hand the drug test cup to her! The drug test cup itself has a temp reading very similar if not the same to the ultra pure container, which made me feel safe that Ultra Pure didnt f ck me over in that area.

    Also on a special note my administer stared the sh t out of the synthetic I gave her, which also made me nervous as hell! Jus remember to stay coo and keep your mouth shut.

    After youve done that your work is over. Theyll give you a piece of paper with the minor result readings but not the pass or fail info. Once you get that get the hell out the area in a non awkward non pothead type of way.

    Good luck and if there are any questions just ask and Ill be sure I answer as fast as possible.
  2. Thanks for the post man these are few and far between. You have great info! Hopefully I can post one similar in a few days using Quick Fix
  3. You kinda jumbled your words together with the blue liquid part.

    So you had to pee into the blue liquid? That part threw me off a little bit.
  4. They usually put the blue liquid in the toilet so you don't fill the cup with toilet water.
  5. #5 Oblivion420, Aug 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Ohh I get it. My job didn't/doesn't require a drug test which still leaves me dumbfounded to this day lol.
  6. Your boss/the owner is a pothead.

    What is so dumbfounding about it? Seems pretty fucking straightforward to me. :D
  7. I passed my test. I did it differently however. I used synthetic MJ and they didnt detect it.

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