Drug Test, To Quit Or Get Fired?

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    It's not exactly random, but post accident screening.  I work in a lumber shipping facility and accidents happen a lot... haha.  The pay is quite good with overtime options and they don't random.
    As I said, its not exactly the safest place to work.  Forklifts are always bumping into racking and making all sorts of heavy wooden materials to fall, its fast paced, people fall off small step ladders by carrying too much weight off a shelf etc..  Just to get the job done quicker and go home.  
    People get "pulled" once they hurt themselves or someone else, or they break a bunch of expensive bits.  
    The drug testing is at a facility like Quest diagnostics, and they drive you there within 1 hour.  
    Two people already got pulled and one of them was clean while the other never showed up and he just never returned.  
    I've been there for a year and have had no incidents, but it seems like anything could happen.  Whenever I get on the lift I drive like grandma and check every blind spot, like it should be, but I seriously take longer than other lift drivers haha (and I don't smoke on the job).
    So, the question is...  Is it better to just quit on the spot and resign, just to say you are sick of the dangers or no reason at all (even though you are obviously trying to avoid testing).  It would look better to have "resigned" versus "fired for failed drug test" correct?
    And there is no microwave to heat up some quick fix  :smoke:
    Would a medical card even do anything?  I heard not so much at all. I don't live in a legal state, but I plan on moving to one and I'm sure I'll have to ask myself the same question there also..  
    Thanks for any replies

  2. I used to work construction was in exactly the same situation although I never was injured, I many coworkers did get hurt and were tested.
    I always kept a quickfix in my cargo pants, jacket, or lunch box with extra hand warmers in case I didn't get to stop by a microwave. I did have to use it when I got pulled for a random between jobs and didn't have access to a microwave. My boss was driving me to the QUEST clinic and so I went to the porta john before we left to activate my heat pads  and put the flask in my boot. Wasn't warm enough the first time I went in the bathroom with the test cup so I said I needed more time to drink coffee and fill my bladder. They gave me 3 hours to give a sample, 2.5 of which I took full advantage of considering I was being paid for my time in the clinic reading magazines. Im sure they knew I was pulling some bullshit but there was nothing they could do when I brought out my nice clean sample.
    Also if you have the quickfix and a heatpad and what you deposit into the test cup does not activate the heat strip, place your hand warmer/heat pad directly on the temp strip of the doctors cup for a little bit and it will be read warm long enough for them to inspect it.
    If somehow your quickfix is too hot from leaving it in your coffee cup too long, just give it a little dip in the toilet to cool it off.
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    I would rather walk away than admitting I had an illegal substance in me. Although, with marijuana it could mean that you smoked when you were not on the clock. Either way, for me it comes down to admittance of using an illegal substance vs not admittng it. I would pick the latter and I wouldn't bother giving them any reason. You could tell a lie that they might catch or you could just give them no reason. They might guess you are trying to avoid it but there is no factual base behind that.
    I don't agree with not being able to smoke off the clock but I would have to weigh whether or not I could afford to lose that job more than anything.
    Edit: I would test yourself first before making a decision though just incase you are clean. If you've smoked every day before the incident then obviously there would be no point to this.

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