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Drug test soon-sub not an option, unsure if N2 dilution will work

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bowie79, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Hello
    So Im currently a contractor for a federal agency and now they want to hire me full time. I have to go through the hiring process as a new hire which involves a physical with drug test. The physical will be this Tuesday (5 days from now). Some background:

    -metabolism slowed significantly as I got older, no more skipping a few meals and dropping weight in a couple days like my 20s :'(
    - Last smoked 17 days ago, a couple bowls, will be 21 days on drug test
    - Hadn't smoked for 2 weeks before that, if I hadn't smoked that bowl 17 days ago probably woulda been fine
    - Usually would smoke a bowl or two after work, not much on weekends, just to unwind after a long day.

    So Ive take numerous home drug test I got from amazon, easy@home drug tests, they all come out either faint or with just half of a line?! Im waiting for the drug tests that show different levels of THC (20, 50, 200 etc)
    My problem is I can't sub because:
    - My test is at 645 am in the morning, I commute so have to leave at 6am which means no one is gonna want to get up at 530am for me to pee!
    - Even if I had someone to give me urine, I have the physical first which includes bending, stretching and who knows what else! THEN I do the the UA.

    My other problem for N2s dilution that Ive read so much about on different threads is the exact same as my sub, how can I drink tons of water 4 hours before my test when I have to be there at 645am, I have to sleep because after the test I go straight to work?

    If anyone has any ideas please help! I promise to come back with my results because Im super annoyed people ask questions but never come back with results! Thank you!

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