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  1. So I smoked a small bowl last Thursday, and I hadn't smoked in about 2 months. I had a drug test today on Monday. The instant test was negative but they sent it off to the lab and I am worried. I took a couple home drug tests earlier this week and they were all negative. It has been 11 days since I smoked. I am 96 lbs and have a fast metabolism. I am worried that the more thorough lab test will have thc amounts. Does anyone know about the lab tests?
  2. If you only took a few hits then you should be good, especially if you only weigh 96 lbs. But there's no need to worry at this point, you already sent it in. There's nothing you can do but wait now.
  3. Legal limit for anywhere to be over is 0.2 you should be alright I had a blood test after smoking a joint about an hour or so before and I was over the limit 0.3 by .1 so I’d doubt very much it will come back positive stop smoking weed your pranging out lol
  4. who said she took a blood test? Did I miss something?
  5. I never said she took a blood test what I was getting at is if I can have a blood test and it only be .1 over it’s in your blood quicker than anything so if I was tested only an hour after smoking and this question is will my test be positive after a week or so of having a j on a works drug test I believe the answer would be no
  6. 96lbs..... what?

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