drug test questions :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I make alot of these threads I know, but you guys seem to help me out usually..

    I smoked last tuesday, I have a drug test this friday.

    Here's what happened... I pretty much didn't even try to pass my drug test which was schedueled last wensday, my probation officer asked me if I would pass and I told him "Well, I smoked about 3 weeks ago so I am not sure". He said, pot takes 30 days to leave your system, if you smoked 3 weeks ago you shouldn't have a problem passing a drugtest next friday. I was like :(
    Now, I haven't smoked a single bit since then.. i've just been drinking alot :cool:
    I just don't know how likely I am to pass, and no I can't buy anything because my car is fucked up and I live a ways from the city.

    BTW I bought a nickle sack today, im gonna smoke it if i pass my drug test. What should I do, just drink like a gallon of water every day until then? What else will help?
  2. Behold: The Almighty Search Button.
  3. if its friday just wait it out and smoke an assload after
  4. don't overdo it with the water, if u drink too much you'll thin ur blood out and that could lead to major problems....a drug test will be the elast of your worries.....

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