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Drug test questions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mrmartin11, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. This as been asked a million and a half times but figured I'd get a good answer. Okay background haven't smoked in over 8 months before that heavy user, went home over the holidays to see some old friends and ended up smoking a one hitter of some flame an that's it just to remember that taste of the green queen. Any who got a random drug test today at work. They did not the smaple on the spot they packaged it up I imagine to take back to a lab. Today was exactly 15 days since I smoked, I'm 6ft 175lbs fit and athletic, workout all the time, I drank a good amount of water and some cranberry juice during that 15 days and got a test at home from walgreens that I passed all lines pretty dark and readable that I was negative. This morning I pissed three times before the test drank a shit ton of water, took a multi vitamin and a cup of coffee bout 2 hours before maybe a little less. I find out the results next week, so did I pass?
  2. Oh and the walgreens test was takin 11 days after smoking. Took it around 8pm.
  3. Last thing I'm in the 9-15% body fat range.
  4. You might be safe if it was a one hitter but for the most part it depends how much you smoked, the percentage of thc, and all of the physical shit related to the body. I hope everything goes well with the situation because I have gone through a similar situation in my past with the infamous drug tests
  5. Should be alright sounds like you diluted with quite a bit of liquids but when they send them off they test more thouroughly. Good luck

  6. I don't want to give you false hopes, but I think you passed. Let me know how it went.
  7. Ya it was a small one hitter. One good rip then a half ass one t clear it.
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    Tell us what happens!
  9. It's hard to say with your tolerance being now virtually inexistent and you being so physically fit but if I had to guess I'd say you passed. Let us know.
  10. Thanks I'll keep ya posted

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