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Drug Test question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TravisOGRE, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. I found this really killer job that I'm definitely getting hired for, but I just found out that I'm going to have to take a urine test for employment. I know it takes about two weeks to clear out of your system, but I've smoked bud like two days ago, and I need to clean my piss in the next day or two. I've heard drinking an extreme ammount of water helps, drinks that make the test 'inconclusive', also excersicing. If anyone knows any methods to clean the piss really fast, I'd be much appreciative.
  2. Go to your local head shop and see what they reccomend. Just tell them when you take the test and try to get something that you eat or drink prior. The last time I was tested I took this cookie thing that I ate about an hour prior and it worked great.
  3. Go to any vitamin, health storee and ask for a clean drug test. They will sell you a bottle of a masking agent and some directions to flush your body.
  4. do drinks and cookies actually pass the test, or just make it "inconclusive"?
  5. Hello everyone, I just registered and this is my first post here. Anyway, I just had to drop about 2 weeks ago...I'll share with you exactly how i passed. Go to your local headshop and pick up a system cleansing drink ($40-$45 for a good one, i got one that was $45). Drink that shit about 1 1/2 hours before your scheduled to piss but make sure you won't be pissing more than 5 hours after you drink it. Ok, after you drink it, fill the bottle up with cranberry juice(natural detoxifier) 2 or more times and drink em. Then'll have to really piss in a short while. When you have piss, do it, urinate as frequently as possible making sure you'll still be able to fill the cup later(drink more cranberry juice if you won't). I pissed 3 or 4 times before i went in there I think. Your urine will be weird looking, mine was a bright translucent green. After you've urinated atleast 3 times, head to the doctor and piss for them. Your urine might still be weird colored (mine was) but you'll still pass with flying colors. The lady even asked me "are you sure this is urine?" if this occurs just stand your ground, say "yeah, i pissed right in that cup...i swear". Atleast your not lying. Hope this helps...peace.
  6. I know its an old trick, but it worked for me and I smoke everyday. Go to health store and buy Golden Seal vitamen and drink lots of H2O. Test won't show inconclusive. Take it easy-and keep on tokin

    X'cuse me while I kiss the sky~
  7. Tsk tsk tsk.......

    All of these old "flush the body" and "eat this to pass" remedies are obsolete.

    Now they often use a gc/ms test (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry).

    It vaporizes some urine and uses a computer to analyze every single atomic compound that was in the urine.

    I used 2 extra strength bottles ($70!!!) as per the instructions and failed one of these tests.

    I ended up passing using a urine additive called "terminator pure", which is a masking agent that worked for me with the gc/ms test. However, if the lab had found the stuff I used to adulterate my sample I would have been sunk. (At the time I took my test 2 years ago approx 5-7% of the labs using test for adulteration)

    Urine substitution is the safest way to pass (besides quitting smoking). Do a search for urine substitution at any search engine. Many sites sell urine concentrate that you hydrate and keep at body temp to use. To pass after smoking it can take from 2 weeks (if you smoke one joint) to 120 days (heavy regular smoker).

    I tested positive on a cheap home test after 30 days clean.

    I don't suggest you go to your local head shop to discuss fooling a drug test. You probably won't get anything sold to you ever again there. You have to be discreet! Know what you're looking for. I asked for urine additives, and the clerk smirked while handing me the vial of terminator pure.

    We carried on about what this product is so obviously for (it does not say exactly what it is for on the package) in a totally legal way.... and it worked.
  8. I think maybe the "cleansers" work for people who aren't chronic smokers. I have failed with expensive ones several times. My man used a kid's piss who had been on probation for three months, so he was clean. He filled up a plain condom and strapped it to him to keep it warm and popped the baby and let it fill the cup. He passed. He had also spent $65 on a cleanser just in case he was watched but he wasn't.

    The new thing where I live is swabbing your jaw. I don't see how you could pass one of those. If anyone knows, pass on the info because I have a friend who really wants this job but is scared to be swabbed.
  9. Budburner, the gc/ms test are very expensive and most places don't use them. They only use them if they have the big bucks to spend on drug screening or suspect if you are using someting to fool the test. The worst test out there is the hair test where they take a snip of hair from the crown of your head and run the gc/ms test. This is how most transportation companies test their drivers, this is what the ICC specifies our company to test our drivers.
  10. I know the gc/ms is expensive. (I think I saw something like 125 buckaroos)

    But almost all of the places who drug test are doing it for the federal mony that will come their way for it. I don't know for sure whether the government compensates differently depending on what test you pay for (as an employer), but I doubt the cost is that big of a factor. (Unless there is no difference in the compensation)

    I work for a small mom and pop business, and they gave me the gc/ms test.

    Mouth swabs and hair folicle tests? Yikes, I have no idea how to fool one of those. (Don't they pick thicker hairs for the folicle test.... like underarm or pubic?)
  11. I took the test Monday, and this morning I just found out that I passed!!! Flushing works. :)
  12. hell yeah, now go pack a bowl.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the help and tips!

    Now, I must be going, I've got a date with Mary Jane!!
  14. Lucky lucky lucky!

    This time.

    I wish it would have worked for me....... fucking stoner.


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