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Drug test question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CheeseQuesadilla, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hey guys i am on probation but before i had a prescription for weed and i smoked alot on probation because i had a high prescription i bought up to 245gs and ive smoked all that. I have my meeting coming up in like 4 days and im not sure if i will be drug tested or not. Its not in my conditions but im am just a bit worried. My po does know i have a prescription and i stopped my prescription on july 13th 2017 and i got it in august 18th or around then. I didnt smoke that much probably like a bowl a night on week days and then at the last day i cooked all of my remaining weed and then i ate it. I did that because i didnt smoke much i smoked about 5 grams a month so i had more than 150gs left by the last day

    Im just wondering what my ng levels would be like if i were to get tested on the 14th. Lets say its is high would it have the same ng as about someone who smoked about a quarter before a drug test? Im saying that because i assume at eating the food which was .5 per serving has about 900ng but i heard that drops to single digits so im guessing my ng levels would have to be about 36,000 ng and like im sure if someone just smoked their ng levels would be just as high so like would i be ok?

    And like ive been exercising so i heard that just releases some of the thc back into your system because of your sweat

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