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  1. Okay so I'm worried I might fail a drug test put on by my employer. (Please no one telling me I'm stupid or no duh I'm gonna fail or anything like that, of course no one can give me a definite answer so I am just looking for opinions) The urine goes to First Advantage (the lab where it is tested) I never smoke marijuana, really hardly ever but the night before my drug test was Fourth of July and I was drinking and had totally spaced I had the test the next morning. Any way, I took two tiny tiny hits. I took the test the next morning at 10:44am. I took two dollar store tests at home later that day, they were cheap. Anyway it had two lines (it was a C, T test) if there was only a line on the C you failed, but if there was a line on both C and T you passed. Now there was a very dark line on the C, and a very faint line on the T. so I am very confused. However I don't know how much the test cut off is for either of them. (The lab test and the At home one) if it's 50ng/ml or lower I don't know. The at home brand I took is assurance. I am wondering since I smoked only 12 hours (roughly) before the test is there a chance the ThC may not have entered my urine yet? What are the odds I pass this lab test?
    I am 20 years old, female, 112 pounds and 5'3 (if that matters)
    I am jut sitting here freaking out because I never smoke and of course my dumb ass does the it the night before a test.
  2. It's going to be close, I also had a drug test today.(check out my post) Did you pee at all before your test or drink any water? I might have over diluted hoping for a negative dilute or a second chance. You might be all set because it was a small amount maybe under the cut off, but it really depends if you gave them your first wizz of the day.
  3. Well I went that morning before but it wasn't very much. Before I took the test I drank a 16oz water bottle. I have no idea what to expect this was my first ever drug test and what not :( do you think the THC was in my urine at the time of the drug test?
  4. I'm no doctor ( don't let the user name fool ya lol) if the thc is under the 50ng/ml cut off you could be okay. I also just used the doller tree tests, the cut off is 50ng/ml. Since it was such a small amount anything is possible, but I dont want to get your hopes up :/ good luck
  5. Well either way thank you so much, and good luck to you too! I hope we both get our results soon and it goes good!
  6. Lol thanks! I'm sweating over mine, 24-48 hrs till results. Killer. Haha.
  7. Hmm wonder when I'll receive word back on mine. And me too. Got an amazing job offer then F myself over like this. C'est la vie I suppose haha
  8. I think that's the standard time frame. Yup. I feel yah, I haven't smoked since Thursday but I was indulging everyday, like a gram a day. All we can do is hope and wish together lol. Take it easy, I'll post back tomorrow if I get my results, eager to hear yours! Have a good night
  9. I worked in a drug test lab, but 12 hours after smoking a poss test, I don't know man, I'm curious what will happen tho. Let us know. Id say you literally have like a 50/50 shot
  10. I got a negative dilute on my test, have to go back on Monday for second test. I drank 2 water bottles today with 2 coffees and took another at home test, very faint lin pee actually had a little color too it.
  11. Geeze! I really hope it turns out good!! I'm very nervous. My place of work isn't open on weekends so I'm sure I'll hear back on Monday. Really eager to know and crossing my fingers for a negative. I'll keep you updated!

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