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    This drug test will be an athome walgreens style test that will not be sent into the lab. The test will be administered on the 22nd. I know forsure i won't pass because my soul reeks of thc:smiley-rolling-joint:

    Option 1: Smoke errrryday till the test and try the certo method on youtube. (take certo and water two hours before your test and the thc won't show up or something theoretically

    Option 2: Friend bought me a lil tube for old people that I can store pee in and make it look like im pissing aslong as somebody not looking

    Option 3: try to dilute my piss for the next 5 days and get months worth of thc out of my system.. (probably won't work lol

    So grasscity, whats the best bet here? Id say option 2 but that comes with more risk of getting caught faking it.. lessgetit i need responses
  2. Okay so personally for me, if I was in your situation, I would try to dilute my piss and drink lots and lots of fluids, coupled with the certo method without the continues smoking. I would just be way to paranoid using fake piss myself. Please know that if you do choose option #2, if you store urine and use it in the test, if it is too cold it may be a flag forcing a retest or even a fail. I say may, due to the test not involving a lab. Chemical pocket warmers are used to keep stored urine warm. I wish you the best of luck, and if you pass, be sure to celebrate and light up.

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  3. is the piss for your probation or anything government wise? or just a regular job?

    If its a regular job. Just ask a friend who doesnt smoke or do any drugs to piss in a small water tight bottle (small visine bottle) and just pour that shit in there. Easy

    If its for probation or government job. May god have mercy on your soul

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