Drug Test next Wensday

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  1. Ok so i got a drug test next wensday for my drug class. But saturday night im hittin up a rave, i plan to hippieflip. Just wondering on your guys thoughts if i take 4-5 rolls throughout the night. Then next few days pop like 15-20 natural detox pills you guys think i be good?
  2. It's a bad idea. You might get away with it, but there's a very real chance that you won't and you'll come up for both amphetamines and methamphetamines. One night isn't worth the risk at all. Get your head on straight.
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    what makes you think i wouldn't get away with it? considering x stays in your system up to 5 days for chronic use and i haven't rolled in a few weeks and i got shit load of detox pills. Any particular reason you think it wouldn't work?

  4. I have a lot of experience (too much) with drug tests, and detox products are generally bullshit. I wouldn't factor them in at all. Sure they may help a little but this is potentially your freedom on the line. You need to look at the worst case scenario. And yes, there is a real possibility that you will fail. It may be a minute one, but the chance is definitely there.

    If you want to take the risk then by all means go for it. But you asked for opinions and in my opinion it would be an incredibly stupid move. If you can't control yourself for a few months you probably shouldn't be using drugs as powerful as X at all.

    PS: You do realize that Erowid is rampant with misinformation, don't you? It's unfortunate that it's the best resource many of us have (but it is of course better than nothing.)

  5. is it? because i have yet to hear anybody say that

    thanks for your opinion tho, i want some more opinion from others with same experience just to be sure ya know

    detox products generally bullshit? explain....they help clean out your system, make me piss a fuck load too, i dont see how that would not be a factor in this
  6. detox is bullshit for the most part and also don't forget the pill may be cut with something that may not leave your system as fast.

  7. why does everybody keep saying detox is bullshit? it just makes you piss more, which cleans out your system faster, i don't get how thats bullshit? am i missing something?
  8. pissing more isn't what cleans your system. that's up to your kidneys and liver which detox doesn't really help with
  9. if anything go with some green tea and cranberry juice, liquid and pills. vitamin b as well i think
  10. bro just get someone you know that is clean to piss in a cup for you

  11. actually pissing more does clean out your system
  12. Uh, you could just drop the acid. If you had pure molly I would say go for that too, but the E could be cut with other shit, and that would really suck to fail for something you didn't even really mean to take.
  13. Yeah. lay off the E. Hell you could just drink.

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