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Drug Test In Two Weeks - Can I Succeed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by LovingTree, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I decided I would do a little research online about beating drug tests first, before I buy anything. I also want to give you guys my physical description, since that may vary the test too.

    To start, I am a white male, 6'3" and 180 lbs, age of 20.
    Based on my research thus far, I have made notice that many users argue against niacin, stating it won't work if it's of "non flush" or on "time release."

    However, many users appeared to be for niacin, but I was very surprised to see the discrepensy over niacin being effective or not!

    What can I do to piss clean within two weeks? I refuse to use someone elses urine. In addition, I do have money to buy a detox if necessary. I do sweat often, as I do foot patrol security outdoors in the summer.

    I am also open to the idea of cranberry pills, vitamins, detox drinks, teas, and niacin. In addition, I AM willing to stop smoking for these two weeks while taking the nutrients.

    I hope this is enough. Any personal experience or education is appreciated. +Rep will be given to helpful answers. This is a urine test for a state drug class.
  2. Yeah dude just buy some of those detox drinks and drink them before the drug test.
  3. just get an oil change thats the best way to pass a drug test
  4. You seem to be in decent shape. You should cut back on fatty foods for that time, and get a lot of exercise. Depending on your metabolism, and how much you smoke, you could pass or fail. When I was on probation, I would smoke until the 21st of each month, and go until the 1-5th of the next month without smoking, and passed every piss test. once again, just exercise and don't eat fatty foods, and a day or 2 before you have to take a piss test, do a home drug test. Take it first thing in the morning with your first piss. If you pass that you are good. Besides that, drink a shitload of water before your real drug test to dilute your urine. Water doesn't flush your system of THC.... it just dilutes your piss. Most of the time, it dilutes it enough to pass if you haven't smoked in a couple weeks.

    You should tell us how much you normally smoke. That makes a huge difference. Some people consider themselves heavy smokers for smoking 2-3 times a day. Others, like me, don't consider that a lot.
  5. My brother uses some stuff called certo that they use for jello and palu azul tea. Both those methods are for just covering up the thc not actually getting rid of it.

  6. Thank you for a well thought post. Did you take vitamins or detox drinks during that two week break? And yes I usually smoke twice a day. Morning. D night afterwork. I could honestly say I do maybe have 2.5-3 weeks actually. But I don't want to wait too long to rise their curiousity. Aside from that, I want to be out of this by Early August, so I need to make sure my first test is the last test.(Negative).
  7. Ive heard of people doin that too but I dont recommend it. the people seem to pass when doing that method, though....
  8. I didn't take any detox drinks. 2.5-3 weeks you will be good as long as you are active for that time. I know what you mean by not wanting to prolong it... don't want to be suspicious, plus it's a nerve wrecker until it's over. Maybe do things like have orange juice and veggies/fruits for breakfast, and get some exercise before lunch to help get rid of any thc. thc attaches to fat cells. Also, like I said before, buy a home drug test from walgreens or CVS, and take it on your first pee of the day. I would guess you will pass that after 2 weeks. If you pass it for your first pee of the day, then take the real drug test after you have already gone to the bathroom a few times that day, and you'll be fine.
  9. Why is it you won't use someone else's piss?

    No one can tell you if it is possible. Two weeks for a daily (even once daily) smoker is a very grey area. As a small female (5" 100 lbs) with a fast metabolism I can personally do it, but that does not mean you will be able to. Thank dog for my gastrointestinal/thyroid issues sometimes.

    Speaking of which, everyone talks about trying to piss a lot, but also remember that a good amount of the metabolites are excreted through feces too.

    Exercise is very good up until 4-5 days before the test. At that point, you should stop burning fat, because you will be burning that fat and excreting those metabolites..straight into your urine, which you do not want.

    If I were you (you say you've got the $) I would buy some QuickFix. Niacin doesn't work, I don't know if that was ever even proven to work but if it was, it was on the tests from 15-20 years ago, not the ones today.

    Do you know whether or not you are pissing in a dinky cup or getting a real, GC/MS confirmed test? The ng/ml cutoff is much lower in a "real" test.

    Good luck man.
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    I'm sure this test will be real, as this is a court ordered drug class w/ testing.
    I guess the first step is to stop smoking, which will be happening, starting tomorrow. I've heard water can in fact help somewhat , especially if you were to drink for weeks. I will do some research on quick fix, thanks.

    EDIT: okay, I just looked up quick fix synthetic urine. This stuff looks great on reviews, but th only problem is, I will probably be watched while getting piss tested.
  11. Two weeks in more than enough time. Go to the gym everyday and wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants on the treadmill + elliptical. Then hydrate a lot. Drink about 6-10 water bottles a day.

  12. Drinking an excessive amount of water can be helpful in the 12 or so hours before the test, but loading up on water earlier than that is just a waste of time.
  13. Don't use someone else's urine for a probation ua, as they do not take their eyes off you when you are filling the cup. Just took my first one and not sure if I passed yet but they watch you very closely!!
  14. If your skinny, you will probably be fine haha just dont smoke but if your worried; drink a lot of water before your test because it will help to dilute your pee leaving hopefully residual amounts of thc in your system seeing as your body naturally produces cannabinoids(group of compounds thc is a part of).:smoke:
  15. A diluted court test (drinking excessive amount of water) is an automatic fail, even if they find no drugs in your ua. Use a detox and make sure you have urinated at least 5 times before the test.
  16. Hey yall. I'm in a pretty similar situation to they guy that posted this thread. LovingTree, if you see this, can you let me know how it went and if you passed? Also I'd obviously love to know what method you used. Btw, I'm about 5'9'', 140 lbs, am fairly active and smoked about as often as LovingTree did, if not a bit less (twice a day rarely, once a day usually, and occasionally went clean for a day). Any response would be greatly appreciated!!! :D
  17. I'm in a similar situation. I am also 5'9 and 141 pounds as of today. I came across this http://imgur.com/a/GmuD4 I hope this works for my test next week lol
  18. I PASSED!
  19. Good for you, but I got to let you know that thread was made in 2012.

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  20. ...I totally knew that... :p ((leaves quietly))

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