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DRUG TEST IN 24 hours

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryder1967, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. OK so I have smoked twice in the past months but my levels are still showing even though I haven’t majorly smoked in over two months now I have a court order test tomorrow.

    I’m taking activated charcoal but I’m not sure exactly how much to take I’m taking niacin a B complex papaya enzyme and I have pectin in here.

    does anyone have any advice for the right formula to give me the best odds on this?? I am doing so well this is the only thing I ever use and it’s only been occasional But for some reason it still shows at 50
  2. Oh yeah one more thing… I also have coconut cream here but I’m not sure if I have to start with the coconuts cream the day before or I just do it tomorrow and I’m not sure how far in advance.

    Thank you for any advice or help you can give me here I’m really kind of freaking.
  3. Grab any at home drug tests that test for THC and test yourself and go from there
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  4. Yeah I did and it is still showing.
  5. Are you working out, using a sauna?
    Since THC is stored in the fatty tissues, this can continue the release as the fat is burned away.

  6. Perhaps consider using a sub if it's unmonitored.

  7. Well it’s blazing hot here and I am very very active but I’m not using a sauna.

    It is monitored unfortunately
  8. Can you get to head shop and get a fake urine kit? I know it's monitored but some of the more expensive kits come with a fake dick and everything. Just gotta make sure the kit has uric acid in it. Outside of that drink water until you throw up, then drink some more. If you flood your system out enough you should be low enough level to pass it. Problem is, some places wont take your sample if it's too clear.
  9. Well I’m a woman so I doubt the fake penis with work

    You take B complex vitamins to turn your urine yellow this I know to be true but thank you I’m drinking water like mad it only has to go down like 20 points

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