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Drug Test in 21-28 days, please help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rockinman1996, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Okay, so since about june of last year I've been a pretty daily smoker, except for the beginning of December to mid January. Over the summer I probably took about a week maybe two to finish an 8th and really only used my Magic Flight. From August to December I used my pax, did a LOT of dabs, and hit the bong daily as well. I was a daily heavy smoker. From mid-January to March 18th, I continued to smoke daily but I'd say around the end of February I started to slow down and really only used my pax and at night, while smoking pretty heavily on weekends. Anyways, from March 18th to the 27th I smoked once and then smoked all the way up until the 3rd of April daily but not super heavily. Since then I have smoked about 3 times, each time a week apart, the last time on 4/20(yesterday). I only took about 2 or maybe 3 tiny dabs from a dab pen yesterday, didn't get super high at all really.

    Sorry if thats confusing and unorganized, anyways I am a male around 145 pounds 5'8 and have a pretty fast metabolism and not too much body fat. What are the chances I will fail a drug test coming up anywhere between the 11th of May and the 20th? I know I'm a dumbass and just shouldn't have smoked after the 3rd, but what happened happened and I can't go back and smack myself and say no, I just need some honest opinions and/or help to pass this
  2. I should mention. December to January that I mentioned, I smoked maybe 3 times. Also this is a urine test, 50 ng or whatever cutoff
  3. If you smoked yesterday 4/20 and the earliest test is potentially May 11th, I'd be worried. Definitely get sweating and working out and abstain from here on out. I would get a home test and check on the 10th and if it fails your going to need a plan B, synthetic pee or clean pee...a dab is pretty concentrated so even a few probably will still take an active person 3-4 weeks to detox out, this is just my opinion.
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  4. I can definitely push the test back. Im going to buy a few home tests and take them. Last year I think I took my test around the 21st and I had smoked a lot more on 4/20. I'm going to run everyday and workout as well as eat lots of fiber and drink lots of green tea
  5. theres this stuff i used called synthetix5 that they have sold at my local smoke shop for years. it comes with a strap and a plastic pouch filled liquid and a hating source. I have NEVER stopped smoking. And Ive dealt with various testing. i dont even TRY to sto smoking becuse 1- im not sure if I can 2- Its too much hassle..
  6. lol I took two home tests this past friday and already passed both with flying colors. I'm lucky with fast metabolism

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