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  1. I have been reading many posts to see what would be the best option to help me pass a drug test. I am about 5'2 and 130lbs and a heavy every day smoker. I havn't smoked for 5 days and my test is this upcoming monday ( 5 days). I have decided that mixing as many methods as i can might be my best option lol. Now so far the one thing that i have read over and over is that if my urine is to clear it is a dead give away that it is diluted. I heard i can fix this with some type of vitamin? My question is what kind? how many do i take and how long before the test should i take them? Does anyone have a specific drink or pill they took to help with the cleansing process? If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you soooooo Much!!!!:wave:

    -Just Call Me MaryJane ;)
  2. There is no drink or pill that will honest to god work and cleanse your system. The most benefit you get from those is - $40 or so dollars on your bank account and the 8 whatever glasses of water they have you drink along with the cleanser.

    Honestly, your best bet is to boost your metabolism. That's the only thing you can manage that will affect how quickly the weed gets out of your system.

    • Never leave more than an hour or two between meals. Your metabolism peaks after you eat and then slowly drops off until you eat again. From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, eat. Think granola bars and fruits.

    • Your body has to work extra hard to break down proteins, so make sure you are eating lots of those. The constant digestion of proteins should help your metabolism go up. The added benefit to eating lots of protein is the concentration of creatinine in your urine will go up. They test creatinine levels to make sure you haven't been diluting your piss (drinking lots of water).

    • Nicotine has been shown to affect metabolism. Not saying get hooked on cigarettes but going through a pack is definitely an option.

    • Run, exercise, work out, whatever. Keep active, your goal is to be burning fat as that is where the THC is stored. If you can go on a half an hour or longer run, this will be really beneficial. Do this as often as you can.

    • Eat B vitamins. These help your body convert fat into energy. Don't go eating 500mg of Niacin, that shit is not going to help you and too much Niacin can really hurt you. If you do get your hands on Niacin, eat about 75/100 mg of it while you're working out.

    • On Saturday night, stop exercising and stop taking vitamins. Start eating really fatty foods and pastas and so on. You want to be accumulating fat at this point, sort of making a layer of fresh THC free fat over the old shit.

    • On Monday, don't drink a lot. Eat really sugary foods so that you've got an ample supply of energy through the day and your body doesn't have to tap into its fat reserves. Piss a few times in the day and nurse a gatorade until you have to take your test. You don't want to dilute your piss too much, but you'll have some slack to work with since your creatinine levels will be rather high. Don't give the cup the very first piss out of your bladder - piss in the toilet a little, stop, piss in the cup, then finish in the toilet.
  3. I should add that what works for one person might not work for another.

    I went from copious amounts of everyday smoking for a few years to completely stopping, doing everything I could to boost my metabolism, and pissing clean about two weeks later. I bought one of those cleansing pills but I didn't even take it because I was confident my body was THC free. And it worked.
  4. Thank you so much for your advice!!! Now I was wondering, my brother is really big into working out and has creatine pills that he takes, do you think that if i took a few of those it would make it loook like my urine wasn't diluted or at leats less suspicious that it was? Would it raise my creatine levels?
  5. I don't think you should go crazy on the creatine. Anything in excess could be potentially dangerous depending on your specific health conditions. If you do take his creatine pills, read the bottle/box carefully and, preferably, do a little homework on google to find out what all is going on. I had to learn this shit somewhere, you know.

    Eating protein should give you more than enough of a creatinine boost in your urine, if I'm not mistaken. 1/4th of a cup of walnuts has 5 grams of protein, you can buy protein bars with 10 grams of protein, eggs, milk, theres plenty of sources for you to choose from you just have to make sure you're getting the protein in your belly.

    Usually, how a piss test works is that you'll go in, piss in a cup, and that cup gets sent off to a lab. When they test it at the lab, they first screen it in an immunoassay very similar to the home drug test kits you can buy at walgreens or walmart or whatever. It has a cut off rate of 50 ng/ml. They do this because the immunoassay test is very cheap where as the more refined tests like GC/MS are expensive. If they can avoid using a GC/MS, they probably will. However, they're aware that the immunoassay can be fooled by dilution, so they do test for some other things, namely specific gravity and creatinine levels. As long as everything is where it should be, your urine probably wont get sent into the GC/MS (which has a cutoff level somewhere around 10-15 ng/ml). There is no upper limit on the creatinine test, so as long as theres a bunch of it you're alright.

    (this is only spur of the moment helpful advise, its not intended to replace your own research and i'm not responsible for the outcome of your test or anything else in your life, just so we're clear :))
  6. Oh, and since I mentioned the immunoassays... Go out and get yourself one. I bought one for $15 and gave it my very first piss of the morning on the day of my test. It showed up as clean, so I was pretty confident that as long as I didn't overly dilute my piss that day, I was going to be passing the lab test too.
  7. WELL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! And don't worry, I wasn't planning on holding you responsible if i failed lol, so no worries i won't be coming after you if it comes out positive:p, i realise this is all just me taking a chance and it is different for everyone and what not. But again thank you so much for your advice, i went on other forums where people flat out said im screwed, it's comforting to know your giving me at least some hope!! :D

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