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Drug test help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chriszito, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. I applied for a job at the Home Depot and killed my interview, they loved me (I think) I really want this job but they informed me that I had to submit a saliva drug test, where I live, recreational use of marijuana is illegal, and I am not a stoner or a heavy smoker. But on Tuesday night I smoked 2 blunts for the first time ever. I was informed of the test the same night. So Monday I applied, Tuesday I smoked, Wednesday was the interview, and today (Thursday) was my drug test. It was a spit/saliva test from a company called "Quest Diagnostics." Prior to the test I ate a bunch of listerine strips (idk why) also I took a steam shower the night before and rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide a few times, and then I had to stick this flat swab against the inside of my cheek for 10 WHOLE MINUTES!!! That scared me a lot. But second to the fact that THEY SENT IT TO A LAB! There was no colors, the manager just packed it up and fedexed it out of there! So point is, my saliva test is going to a lab, do you think I passed this THC drug test with the measures I took? Please respond ASAP!
  2. Probably not. You should have tried a detox of some kind. Sorry bro

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