Drug test crew represnetn!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 4Frnt, May 15, 2006.

  1. how many of you guys are on random DT? And how long?

    2 more weeks left and im free! so pumped gona be so epic that first toke back. I already got it planned out.... at this kids mansion, roll a honey blunt and then go swimming with some hos hes calling over
  2. Yeah if I were you I WOULD NOT swim. Lets face it, your gonna be blazed, and swimming at the same time will not be fun. I'm guessing. I dont know depends on how the high is. Hopefully you'll get a more sativa high (energetic) instead of an indica high (stoned, lazy, out of it).
  3. Swimming high owns, unless the water is over your head and you get really tired.
  4. i'm pretty sure he's got the mental and physical faculties to keep from drowning while high, if not he shouldn't be allowed in public anyway
  5. haha yea its just in his pool.... a lake would be kinda sketchy

    ive wanted to go underwater high for so long

    imagine like snorokingling in hawaii or somwhere completely baked off some super strong clear-minded sativa , looking down at all those tropical fish and reef would be so sick
  6. I'm going to be on random DT until I am financially independent from my parents. I start my freshman year in college this August, and since I almost have a full ride to UT, I might be able to tell my parents to fuck off, and I'm done with the DTs.
  7. dont do shrooms and go swimming. cause you stop in the middle and try to think about water and the world and how everything works and before you know it youre dead

  8. wow that sucks you let your parents drug test you and your over 18? I would never let my parents test me id be like ***** please, i found weed in your drawer too. I get tested by my private school so i have no choice otherwise i get kicked out
  9. how about floating on an air mattress and nelson ledges quarry park while ekoostik hookah plays on the beach?
  10. "get doped on a daily basis, get high make them ugly faces, smokin dro and i'm on probation, my blunts i dont be lacin"

    that about sums it up, i'm on probation n i smoke everyday haha

    i don even like that song that much, but i do be on that kryptonite haha..right now, wake n bake is key
  11. on random DTs for 8 years....im in the navy now guys.
  12. I wouldn't go to a school that tested me...

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