Drug test coming up. Help me.

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  1. Alright blades I posted this in a different section but saw there were more like this in this section so here goes. Got off probo about a month ago and have been smoking about .5 a day till about a week ago. I got a pre-emp test next tuesday which will put me at 2 weeks clean. The test is at an urgent care and I plan on taking a qcarbo16 a couple hours before. Im about 6,3 and 175lbs (low body fat). I workout very regularly and drink about a gallon of water a day. My question for you is do you think I will pass given the specs? If not, should I borrow my buddy's whizzenator and sub with his clean urine? Idk if they watch you do your business at urgent care cuz im sketched at the idea of using a fake dick. I need this job so im gonna do what I have to do but I want your opinions first. Where do you think I stand?
  2. That’s a pretty short timeframe I always go synthetic if there’s any doubt. If you have access to the whizzenator use it. I’m not 100% if they’ll watch or not but for pre employment 99% of the time they don’t. And even if they do with access to the whizzenator these overworked underpaid people are not going to watch close enough that you couldn’t get away with it anyway. Good luck
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  3. Thanks man. I took one of those home tests today and had one line and a very faint second line, meaning I guess i passed the home test but it wouldnt hold up in a lab test. Probably will sub. Shit gives me mad anxiety though. Guess ive faked worse things in my life.
  4. It doesn't matter how many threads you start about this, no one can tell you for sure either way. Perhaps if you'd say what answer would satisfy you? It's not like you can trust random people on the internet to know for sure, you don't know anyone's qualifications and even a stone cold expert couldn't give you an answer you haven't yet heard.. I understand you're anxious about it and in that case it's best to plan on subbing for your own peace of mind so here's another plan......

    Test your first void of the morning on the day of your test. That's when your urine is most concentrated and if you pass that go ahead and overhydrate moderately before your test or use whatever "detox" substance you're planning to take. Take your sub specimen to the lab with you even if you pass your home test that morning and if you get the chance to use it (you will) then sub. If you don't get a chance to use it go ahead and use your own urine knowing you will almost certainly pass.

    I wouldn't take the word of your coach (mentioned in your other thread) because I guarantee you he's guessing.
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  5. Thats my plan as of now. Gonna just keep drinking water, working out, then detox the day of a couple hours before. Going to wear the whizzinator and hope I get my moment. Only problem is it is a slightly cumbersome device to use. The dick isnt rock hard but it isnt as flaccid as id like (makes it kind of difficult to take out the front of your briefs) . I suppose I will put on briefs first, then the whizz, and then maybe a loose pair of boxers over that to make it a little easier to whip out. If worse comes to worse and the nurse asks why im erect I'll tell her that people watching me piss gets me excited. Really hoping that im just overreacting and that ill get the room to myself. Family is going to disown me if I fuck this up. Hard to find threads of people using the same system in 2019 so the encouragement helps ease my mind.
  6. So I read online that the place that the hospital that does the tests may ask you to disrobe and wear a hospital gown for the test. My papers say it is at the hospitals urgent care location thoigh, regardless I am skeptical as to if they would watch me and all that. I have a qcarbo16 but would I be better off with the qcarbo32? Or could I just get another 16 and drink both cuz 16+16=32? Sorry this anxiety is just getting to me. Thoughts?
  7. By the way I passed.

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