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  1. Whats the best and natural way to pass a Drug test????
  2. well if you don\'t want to go with cheating...smugglin in piss, or with buying some shit to clear system then:

    WATER LOTS OF WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER, and make sure u piss at least once before you go there, cause after sleeping it stores in your system and all, so piss it out.
  3. not just water, I mean LOTS OF WATER, to clear it up a little more, I am talking about water untill your about to puke all over the place. This will make you piss pure water, almost :)
  4. Best and most natural way to pass?

    Stop smoking!

    Your body will cleanse it\'s self... naturally!

    Water MAY work... if you are going to take a very cheap drug test.

    However, most places that are serious about having a good drug test will not choose the cheap test.

    And you can drink water until you are dead (which is very close to what PotSmoker is suggesting). It will not make a difference with the more sensitive tests.

    If they determine that you are pissing pure water you\'ll have to retest at least.

    Do a search for \"urine substitution\" at any search engine. You can buy clean urine concentrate at MANY places. If you can substitute clean urine for your dirty, then you\'re home free.

    I used a product called \"terminator pure\", which is a urine additive to pass the most sensitive test possible. HOWEVER, if they had tested for the presence of what I used to \"adulterate\" my sample, it would have been just as bad as a positive result.

    You\'re taking your chances using adulteration. You\'re wasting your money on any product that claims to detoxify you to the point where you can fool a test for marijuana.

    There is NO way to clean out your system besides giving your body time to metabolize all of the thc out of your fat. You can increase your metabolism by exercising, which would reduce the amount of time it takes for your body to clean it\'s self out... naturally.
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