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drug prices

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by scott01gt, May 26, 2009.

  1. Looking for experienced answers so I didn't post in apprentice tokers, and pandors box appears to be full of DMT questions haha. So I decided to post in seasoned tokers, where I should find the more experienced blades who have had their hands in more than a 20 piece.

    Around here, newfoundland,
    Weed $10/g
    Ecstacy $5-10/pill
    LSD $10/square
    Cocaine $40/hg $80/g
    Hash $15/g $50/8th

    We don't see much herion or meth hardest thing in quantity is crack, just looking for the personal dosage amounts in your areas.

    If someone feels the need to delete this thread or move it can it just be moved to pandoras box, where it will be allowed if not here. Thanks.
  2. weed: 1gram is 20, 1oz is 50(schwag)
    x: 1pill is 10
    coke: 0.5g is 20, 1g is 40, an eight ball is 90-110 depending on person

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