drug dogs at school

Discussion in 'General' started by shadee, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. does anyone else's school get a drug dog to come in on like random day
  2. i'd like to blow a big ass hit of dank weed in one of those dogs faces and than see if they still care so much.

    wait nevermind that would get me arrested
  3. No but simply dont bring anything to school and your good to go. Btw bring citric acid and if the dog gives you any bad looks just toss some onto his nose.
  4. Assaulting a police officer(Yes i believe they consider them officers) is always better then a simple possesion charge.
  5. Sure is, gives you time to get away:wave:
  6. No not randomly but on 420 and stuff.
  7. i did when i was in HS

    once or twice a month

    i'd only bring weed the day after, as to guarantee my safety
  8. i don't bring weed or any drugs into school
    its just not worth the risk i wasn't like complaining about it or anything though
    i thought like all public schools did it untill a week ago my friend said his school didn't
    so i was jw how many people's schools did probby shoulda made this a poll now that i think about it
  9. How the fuck does this thread have more replies than it has views?
  10. Yeah my high school used to that. Everyone hated that fucking dog. It's not a good idea to bring anything to school or leave it in your car, but sometimes it just had to be done. It was usually alright if you just kept everything in your bag with you, the dog never came in classrooms just checked cars and lockers.
  11. we had 2 a year in middle school and aone or 2 a year in high school they started cutting back
  12. Hmm mabey because I posted twice without leaving the page? I dunno didn't even notice.

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